Who remembers the time when Babestation Alicia Sweets joined the BBC podcast called, ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ with Poppy and Rubina? This took place back in 2021 but with babestation babe Alicia Sweets shooting a lot more content for babestation online in the past year, we thought it would be fun to take a look at Alicia’s previous endeavours. Poppy and Rubina are well known for their frank discussions surrounding sex and relationships and boy, did live cam babe Alicia Sweets provide the pair with a much-needed lesson in sexual conversation, covering the how, when, and what tends to work best.

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Opening up to the pair on the BBC podcast, babestation daytime model Alicia Sweets drew upon her wealth of experience gained from her years as a nude cams performer and former studio66 babe. Alicia Sweets brought valuable insight to the show and was excited to share her industry knowledge and reflect on her live webcam sex performances throughout her career. The podcast ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ set out to de-stigmatise discussions around sex within the British Asian community. The show’s presenters engage in open and candid conversations about their own sexual experiences. For babestation girl Alicia Sweets, appearing on the show alongside Poppy and Rubina provided an excellent opportunity to open the conversation of sexuality to a wider audience. Alicia Sweets spoke about her first impressions of Poppy and Rubina:

“Both the girls were funny, open minded and down to Earth!!  I was excited to have a girly filthy chat about sex with two other girls from Muslim backgrounds, knowing they understand my experience. I couldn’t stop giggling, their questions and responses to my answers had me cracking up! It’s very important for all people from different backgrounds and of all ages to understand sex is natural, should always be consensual, shouldn’t come with shame and most certainly shouldn’t be boring!!  ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ was definitely an eye opener for a lot of people who still see sex as shameful or a topic to be avoided.”

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Podcasts like ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ play a huge role in influencing society’s perspectives and fostering acceptance of the pleasures of sexuality. This is crucial within certain conservative demographics. Hopefully, in the future, discussions about sex won’t be taboo. Alicia Sweets said: 

“In my opinion the older generations need to accept the times the younger generation are living in now.  Where young people have human rights and that talking about sex, which is natural and part of life, should be embraced, discussed and spoken of in a positive light.”

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