For those who missed the first half, you can catch it here: Top Ten Most Popular Kinks and Fetishes Part 1.  Go, go an read that one now…

Are you back?  OK good, now let’s finish off our debauched journey through the wildest, most popular kinks and fetishes with these eye watering entries to conclude our Top Ten.

Orgasm control


Orgasm control is the practice of inhibiting climax by using sexual stimulation to trigger a desired physiological response, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, body tensing, and breathing. Orgasm control can be used to enhance pleasure and prolong sexual play or arousal. It can also be called edging. Here are some tips for exploring orgasm control:

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  • Start with simple techniques like using your fingers or a toy. As you become more comfortable with orgasm control, try new things such as using other toys or a masturbation sleeve.
  • Take note of how you feel during orgasm control. Does the method work for you? If not, try another one.
  • Lastly, communicate with your partner about your preferences and concerns regarding orgasm control. This will ensure that everyone is having a safe and pleasurable experience with orgasm control

Pantyhose / stockings fetish 


A pantyhose fetish is a sexual interest in wearing pantyhose, tights or stockings. Pantyhose fetishism can take many forms, from fetishising the kink of wearing them to engaging in specific acts such as foot play or roleplay. There are many ways to get involved with foot fetishism and enjoy the feeling of wearing pantyhose. One way to get started is by trying out different styles of pantyhose and experimenting with different kinds of fabric on your feet. Another way is by reading about foot fetishism and exploring your interest through role play or other means.

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Voyeurism is the act of spying on others for sexual pleasure. This can include peeking through keyholes and filming others in sexual situations. Voyeurism is commonly associated with men who enjoy watching women bathe, shower or undress. However, it’s not just men. Women can have this fetish too. Why not try Pervcam for all of your voyeurism needs.

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Hotwifing is a sexual role play where a couple agrees to participate in one person having sex with another person outside of the relationship. It’s totally different from cuckolding because it doesn’t necessarily involve humiliation. The term ‘hotwifing’ originated from the term ‘hot wife’. A ‘hotwife’ is a woman who has sex with other men besides her husband. However, the term is now used in a broader sense and refers to any consensual relationship involving pleasure between two people of the same gender. It’s an extremely popular genre on Pornhub and is widely used as a theme in porn movies. Brazzers use the term in many of their videos.

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Tips for exploring hotwifing include communicating your desires clearly and safely before engaging in these types of role play activities together. Also, make sure you both are aware of your limits and boundaries before engaging in hotwifing activities to avoid potential harm to yourself or your partner.


Erotic spanking is when a person is spanked on the ass in order to arouse or satisfy one or both parties’. The duration and harshness of the spank can vary, as well as whether or not spanking instruments are used (such as the wooden spoon, paddle or cane). Activities can include bare-buttock smacks or sexual roleplaying. Although the practice is frequently observed in and linked with BDSM, it is not restricted to it. The person receiving the spanking is referred to as the “spankee” in erotic spanking.

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