I was attending a porn and glamour model convention and couldn’t wait to meet some of my favourite babes from Babestation. I was especially excited to have have my picture taken with Sophie Hart. Porn stars and models are always surprised when I say I’m a huge fan because they don’t really expect a petite brunette woman with big boobs to be so into porn. I’ve loved porn since my teens and would sneak out of college so I could go home and watch porn in my room. My favourite films to watch were girl girl pussy eating scenes and threesomes. I had sadly never tried either in real life but I was hoping to tick it off my sexual bucket list one day.

On the day of the convention I dress up in a black mini skirt, knee high boots and low cut top that accentuated my big natural tits. When I arrived there were already queues starting to form for the Babestation girls. Thankfully I managed to use my womanly charms to push in front of a few guys and land myself at the front of the queue. Sophie Hart is sitting at a table signing autographs and she looks even more stunning in person. She looks at me and beckons me over. She’s super friendly and I proceed to tell her what I huge fan girl I am of her. “Omg you’re such a sweetheart”, she says, as she pulls me close. She’s looking right in my eyes and tells me how beautiful I am. I feel a wave of arousal rush over me and a tingle down my spine as she strokes my shoulder. “Let’s get a sexy pic together”, she says. I whip out my phone and take a few selfies of Sophie and I together before being ushered along by a security guard who insisted it was the next persons turn to have a pic. Before I left Sophie pulled me close and whispered in my ear: “I’d love to know what your pussy tastes like”. I’m shocked and incredibly turned on. I can’t believe my biggest celeb crush has just mentioned my pussy. I’m so turned on I rush to the bathroom to play with myself. As I pull my knickers down I see how much wetness is on my panties. Those few words from Sophie got me so horny. I plunge my fingers into my wet pussy and finger myself, trying desperately to stifle the sound of my sloppy wet pussy. I rub my clit hard and fast with Sophie’s words ringing in my head and I squirt all over the toilet floor. The orgasm was so intense and I leave the convention feeling like a had a real moment with Sophie Hart!


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