Different couples engage in various activities together – some enjoy going to the gym together, others prefer dining out and then there’s a unique few who spend their time searching for potential partners for the wife to connect with. Embracing an open relationship like Babestation Alex Le Tissier and her husband Mitch might not be for everyone but the couple’s dynamic demonstrates a huge level of comfort and openness – so much so, that Mitch actively aids his wife in finding new matches through dating apps.

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Babestation daytime model Alexandra, who likes to go by Alex Le Tissier on british sex cams and Onlyfans, was in a monogamous relationship with Mitch for over a decade. Alex reached a point in recent years where she found monogamy a bit dull so she expressed her desire to explore dating other men. Some might assume that opening up a relationship after a decade of monogamy would indicate the end of the relationship but Alex Le Tissier emphasises her undying love for Mitch and says it’s just about exploring connections and she has no desire to ever leave Mitch. After a lot of discussion and weighing out the pros and cons, Mitch came to the decision to give it a go. The couple downloaded a dating app and began to connect with new people. Their sole guideline is that it should be lighthearted and not develop into anything serious. Interestingly, Mitch isn’t interested in pursuing this lifestyle himself, which amuses Alex. Most men would jump at the chance to sleep with another woman but Mitch clearly only has eyes for one woman. He’s just happy knowing that he’s with one of the hottest live cam babes in the UK. 

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nude cams model Alex Le Tissier, is a regular cam star in the babestation schedule but when she isn’t working she likes to use Bumble as her dating app of choice due to its emphasis on empowering women to make the first move. However, she reveals that it’s sometimes tricky to find a good match, especially when so many men know her as one of the top babestation girls. Alex told Unilad:

“I have been culling people depending on like their hairline and old they are. So it’s been quite a fun experience. I think a few people have tweaked onto who I am from OnlyFans, and some people have paid to super swipe me to get my attention.”

Acknowledging that she can sometimes be a bit picky, Alex Le Tissier admits to being quite selective about her matches. However, Mitch has been offering his assistance. Alex says it’s extremely important to have her husband’s approval when considering potential new partners. She shared a story about how she let Mitch swipe on her behalf, highlighting his familiarity with Alex’s preferences, especially her attraction to geeky guys. While Alex hasn’t yet gone on a date with any of her Bumble matches, she’s anticipating the possibility of dating someone new in the near future. 

Although both Alex Le Tissier and Mitch are happy with their arrangement, they’ve encountered a fair amount of criticism after Alex posted on X about her dating app experience. Some people have even reached out to Mitch, convinced that Alex had joined Bumble without his knowledge. Alex finds it funny that people assume she would make a decision as big as this without informing Mitch and then openly share it on her X account. She finds it pretty strange that people care so much about her relationship. Looking ahead, Alex sees her love life (and sex love) becoming more exciting.

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