There are so many reasons why we adore Queen Camilla that it is challenging to single out just one. But since it’s been 8 years since Camilla left the babeshow industry, we decided to dedicate a post to the queen of the live babe channels – Miss Camilla Jayne.

Camilla first began her career when she was a teen 18+ when she was signed to the Sugarbabes model agency. She flew all over the world appearing in topless and semi nude mags before being approached to work on the babeshows. She started off doing topless shows for Hotel Voyeur and Bang Babes before she was signed to Babestation TV. Camilla appeared on Babestation’s sister shows including; Blue Kiss, Sexstation, Party Girls, Partyland, Glamourchase, Babestation Xtreme, BSX, BS Xtra and Babecast. Camilla remained loyal to Babestation throughout her reign of the Babeshows, despite receiving offers from Studio 66, S66Cams, Playboy TV, Redlight Central and Xpanded.

Queen Camilla

Babestation was the first interactive babeshow of its sort, debuting on December 4th, 2002. In the beginning, Babestation presented a blurry live stream of three women seated next to each other on a couch with a text box visible on the screen. In the beginning, the models didn’t go topless. By flashing her tits one night, Taylor McKenzie became the first model to ever go topless, creating a whole new idea. Around 2005, Babestation started to gain international recognition, and since then, well-known celebrities, TV panellists, and radio DJs have all discussed the site in the general media. Camilla Jayne joined Babestation in 2008, where she became an icon alongside Tiffany Chambers, Dani O’Neal, Delta White, Dionne Mendez, Caty Cole, Donna Duke and Amanda Rendall.

Queen Camilla appeared across the Babestation platforms where she entertained callers with live sex chat. She went on to be a popular cam girl in the early days of Babestation Cams where viewers could get a more intimate POV glimpse of Camilla’s nude / topless physique and shaved pussy. Known for her long 34 inch legs, big tits and changing hair colours, Camilla offered versatility and excitement. Callers knew they were in for a good time if they joined Camilla’s cam show or called her for JOI phonesex. BSX gave Camilla her very own XXX porn series when she decided she wanted to enter the world of lesbian girl-girl porn. She started alongside Reede Fox, Ree Petra, Dani O’Neal and Amanda Rendall for live sex scenes and pre-recorded scenes for BSX pay-per-view. Camilla was a guaranteed ‘moneymaker’ in the days where competition was fierce in the Freeview market and it was a common occurrence to see her name on the weekend schedule.

Queen Camilla

This quote taken from @BabeTV’s now deactivated Tumblr account discusses the impact Camilla had in the babeshows industry:

“It’s easy to get caught up in reverence when an era comes to an end, but Camilla has been special, and it’s most unlikely that anyone’s going to repeat what she’s done for Babestation. With Camilla, it hasn’t just been about how many calls she could attract or the vast number of pic downloads and encryption codes she was able to sell. It’s been about the way she’s been able to increase people’s general appetite for live babeshows. With Camilla, it hasn’t just been: “Here’s a babe with a phone – why not give her a call?” It’s been a story. That’s created an enduring excitement around Babestation. Camilla has been one of the most consistent and dramatic exponents of that. When girls like Camilla promise a dream, and then deliver, they don’t just build a reputation for themselves. They build a reputation for their channel, and even, to an extent, the entire genre.”

An incredible babeshow career came to an end on the morning of the 10th April, at 5.30am on Babestation Blue. For Camilla Jayne, who began her career in the middle of the 2000s, it was the end of her final night on the babe channels. In a history lasting for over a decade, Queen Camilla carved out an incredible career on Babestation, and for which she is missed. BabeTV’s statement perfectly sums up Camilla’s contribution:

Queen Camilla

Camilla’s contribution to babeshow credibility and trust has been almost immeasurable. Even in the future, when someone makes an incredible claim on a babeshow, fans will still be thinking: “Can it really happen?… Yes it can. Remember Camilla?”

Babestation is constantly changing, and despite more babes coming and going at an exponential rate, the live sex and cam industry still has its top babes. Whether there will be another Camilla is difficult to say, but perhaps that’s down to the era and the volume of models now entering the industry. Babestation still has its top performers, which right now include Ashley Emma, Atlanta Moreno, Preeti, Priya, Alice Goodwin, Beth Bennett, and Sophie Hart. No doubt more models will be coming up behind our current icons to try and knock the top babes off their perch, such is the way of the live babeshow world, especially with platforms like Onlyfans catapulting models to  celebrity status.

Camilla Jayne will be remembered as someone who put her heart and soul into her TV work, whose inner passion connected with the world, and who genuinely did make her fans’ wildest dreams come true.

Queen Camilla

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