Rolling down my window to ask for directions from the curvy brunette strolling by, I was stunned when she turned to look at me and I realised it was Paige Turnah. I had been watching this sexy babe on Babestation for years and had even had a cheeky wank to her boy-girl porn, lesbian and threesome scenes. I asked her for directions to the ‘Forest Hotel’ because it wasn’t showing up on google maps and to my surprise she jumped in the passenger seat exclaiming “it’s just easier if I just show you”.

She looked sensational in a black mini dress and denim jacket, her tits spilling out of the top of her dress. Her cleavage and legs looked so inviting. Paige Turnah is very flirty and she kept leaning in to me as she directed me to a cute little boutique hotel about 3 miles down the road. Upon arrival at the hotel I thanked Paige for going out of her way and she suggested I repay her by inviting her up to my room for a drink. I thought she was joking at first until she headed into the hotel reception area. When we got to the room, complete with a king size four-poster bed, Paige headed straight to the mini bar and got out a miniature bottle of vodka. She laid on the bed and slipped off her denim jacket, showing off her big boobs. She then tells me that she hasn’t had sex in two months. I’m in complete shock! Is she propositioning me?! The next thing I know, Paige pulls me onto the bed and slides her hand down my trousers, stroking my cock. I caress her voluptuous curves & slide my hands up her dress and over her sheer black knickers. I can already feel the wetness soaking through her panties. She‘s clearly incredibly aroused. She moaned loudly as I stroked her shaved pussy, she grinds against my fingers as I rub her clit. Pulling her knickers to the side, I finger fuck her wet pussy as we make out, my other hand groping her big tits. I can’t believe I’m fingering a real-life porn star and British babe show legend in my hotel room. We strip naked and get into the 69 position where she deep-throats my cock while I eat her out, tongue fucking her. Her blowjob skills are like nothing I’ve ever felt before. She takes my cock so deep that she can suck it right down to the balls. I hold onto her sexy feet as she gags on my cock and I feel like I’m about to explode. She grips my shaft and wanks me off into her mouth and I spunk right in her face. She climbs off me and I see her licking my cum off her lips. I hear my phone ringing from my trouser pocket – it’s my girlfriend. I’ll call her back later!


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