Shake those Monday blues and get ready to feast your eyes on some serious talent! Your favourite Monday blog is back again, Babestation Cams is here to provide you with this week’s Cam Girl of the Week! This edition’s crown goes to none other than the Cam Queen herself – Levi! In this blog you’ll find out all about the naughty things she gets up to, her erotic fantasies and you’ll even see some smoking hot pics of her!

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Levi has been on your screens since 2002 and it’s probably not just the babe channels you’ve seen her on. In addition to countless lads mags, she’s appeared on Channel 4’s , ITV’s , BBC3’s , ITV’s , Channel 5’s and a whole lot more! Levi has earned the nickname ‘Cam Queen’ due to her commitment to being online – you’ll find her on the site most day – but also due to the filth she gets up to in front of camera! She is very well known for her HUGE 34JJ breasts – yes, 32JJ! Levi throws many webcam parties with other Babestation Cams girls, so don’t be surprised if she’s not alone when you connect with her on cam. Levi told us, “I am probably the dirtiest girl you’ll ever talk to”, a strong statement, but one we firmly believe.

Babestation Cams interview with Levi

When did you start off at Babestation? 
I started Babestation back in 2002, so I’m the only originally Babestation babe left on the channel now! I love working for Babestation, it’s where I first started and it’s where I belong

Have you worked for any other Babe Channels?
I have worked for a couple other babe channels. I was actually in charge of the night shows on babe channel, I loved being the boss! I had to hire, fire and negotiate wages to make sure that the channel was successful. I managed to get a great set of girls working for me, we had a lot of fun there.
What do you enjoy most about being a Cam Girl?
I love the chance to always look super hot when I’m at home, doing my hair and makeup, wearing my sexy lingerie and heels. I also really enjoy holding webcam parties at my house which I do on a regular basis. I get the girls around, fill the fridge with champagne, lay on a nice spread of nibbles and enjoy a girlie night full of filthy cam fun!

Which three words describe you best?
Up for it!!! I’m a bit of a yes girl. I say yes to anything, I never say no, always up for fun! Let’s see if you can make me say ‘no’ on cam

What naughty antics do you get up to on Cam?
That will have to be found out by joining me for a private chat! It’s all about what the guy wants, he gets to direct the whole experience, it’s like he’s a porn director.

Tell us about the outfits you have?
Lacey lingerie, high heels, naughty stockings and suspenders. I also have a walk-in wardrobe full of cam outfits, shoes, boots, uniforms, latex and PVC. So a lot of my guys will ask for something different, then I take them to my walk in wardrobe so they can choose what to dress me up in.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Tommy Mallet from TOWIE. I don’t think he’d be able to handle me though.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
 A singer, model and actress. I wanted to be Kylie Minogue, but realised from a young age that I have a terrible singing voice, my dreams were crushed but I did manage to fulfil my modelling career and am now moving over into acting.

What are your sexual desires?
I’ve pretty much fulfilled all of my sexual desires, I have nothing left on my bucket list.

Do you have a fetish?
Nothing specific, but I do enjoy to dominate and humiliate, I have lots of slave callers and it thoroughly entertains me. I will however always welcome a guys fetish, whether it’s feet or leather, I’ll fulfil it!
What do you look for in a man?
I want a man with blue eyes, tattoos, tanned skin and a nice pearly white smile.
What is your hidden talent?
I can hold pretty much anything in between my boobs, including a full bottle of champagne. I should go on Britains Got Talent ha!

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?
Of course…many times in fact. I’m a frequent flyer

What’s your favourite sexual position?
I like to be on top, it’s good to be in control. I do think it depends on the guy, I’ve always had different favourite positions with different guys.
Describe your perfect day?
A day around the pool with all my girlies, followed by a great meal in a fab restaurant so we can all get dressed up. Then all head back to mine for more drinks in the hot tub, possibly with the cam on as well
Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
Morning, but I’m horny most of the day.

What do most guys ask you to do on Cam?
Probably cover my boobs in cream and oil. Most of my callers are in love with my boobs and my big lips. I always have lots of cream and oil.
How often do you think about sex?
All of the time and spend most of my day talking about it! In this job, I find it makes you very very sexual. Indulging in everyone’s fantasies and desires all of the time keeps sex constantly on my mind. 

Does size really matter?
Hmm no, I don’t think it does, it’s not good for it to be too small though. But some guys with huge ones just have no technique!

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
Slip into my lingerie, dim the lights, light my candles, put on so background music and pour a chilled glass of champagne with a strawberry in it.

Do you think chat up lines work?
I always think it’s best to just ask a girl to dinner or offer to buy a drink, chat up lines can always come across a bit cheesy.

Do you sleep naked?
I sleep in a G-string

Do you like watching porn?
Love porn! I watch a lot of it. I don’t watch porn that has my friends in it, although Leigh Darby is always trying to show me her new movies.

Do you use sex toys on yourself?
I’ve never needed one, I always have a guy I can call on when I’m horny.

Screamer or a Moaner?
Moaner, I do scream too but only on a really wild session.  
What makes you wet without fail?
Being teased, I love the anticipation of what may happen.

What is your erotic fantasy?
Threesomes with 2 girls and one guy…hmm maybe one day!

Do you like it rough or gentle?
Gentle, I prefer being the rough one.

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