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Girl-Girl Shows to Look Out for on Babestation Cams

Here on Babestation Cams, we pride ourselves on broadcasting unforgettable webcam shows. Most of these shows are in the form of girl-on-girl shows, which features 2 hot babes, a cheeky theme, naughty outfits, capped off with a lot of filthy fun! In this blog, we’ll give you a few different girl-girl combinations to keep an eye out for. Who knows, next time you’re browsing the site, you may come across some of these combos!

Levi & Laura Jane

These two have been non-stop on Babestation Cams for the past couple of months. We’ve heard some proper filthy stories of the goings on during their webcam sessions. Levi & Laura Jane have been in the glamour industry for over 15 years, so they’re well versed in how to put on a X-rated show. We recommend going down the private route with these 2, but be warned, it gets wild.

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Cali Garcia & Lori Buckby

lori buckby cali garcia babestation cams

The ultimate combo right?! Cali Garcia & Lori Buckby have regularly been putting on special monthly girl-girl shows and their fans cannot get enough of them. The themes have ranged from oil massages, naked specials & strip downs! Whatever the theme, Cali & Lori make sure it’s an epic show. They’re practically best friends so the on screen chemistry shines through. These 2 usually perform a show towards the end of each month, keep an eye out.

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Jade Samantha & Louise Jayy

Jade Samantha & Louise Jayy caught our eye a couple months ago when we were surfing through our babes’ profiles and came across this cheeky combo. They even traveled down to the Babestation Cams Studios and put on a naughty college girl themed show. As you can tell from the snaps above, they’re not afraid to get touchy feely 😉 Jade Samantha & Louise Jayy tend to log in whenever they start to feel horny… which is a lot of the time!

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Scarlett Jones & Atlanta

scarlett jones atlanta babestation cams

We reckon this combo is going to dominate 2018! These babes did their first ever girl-girl show last month. Usually, most babes want to ease themselves in with these sorts of shows, but Scarlett Jones & Atlanta kicked straight off with a Sex Toy Special theme! They’ll be doing lots more shows together in the near feature with even more filthier themes! If you see these 2 online together, don’t hesitate, just watch!

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