I had always had a crush on my wife’s friend Leigh Darby, so while my wife was away visiting her sister I decided to invite Leigh over for a cuppa. She did initially sound surprised when I suggested she pop round and she asked if my wife Maria minded her popping over what with her not being there. I lied and said she was totally fine with it which thankfully Leigh believed. A short while later Leigh pulls up in her white Range Rover and gets out looking like a sexy porn star in a black leather mini skirt, killer heels and a white see-through top, looking like a gorgeous milf! I opened the door and ushered Leigh inside before my neighbours see her…

I get her a drink and we start talking about Maria’s trip and work. Leigh then drops the bombshell: “Why am I really here, Mike?” She asks. I’m shocked. “Er, I just thought we could catch up”, I reply. She doesn’t believe me and she stands up from her seat and walks over to me slowly. She’s about an inch taller than me with her heels on and I feel her standing over me like a dominatrix. “I know why I’m here”, she says, and she kisses me on the lips. Even though I had dreamt about this moment I had never imagined it would actually happen, but here I was cheating on my wife with her best friend. I lay Leigh down on my kitchen table and grope her tits which feel even more incredible than they look, big and firm. I suck her nipples and kiss down her torso until I get to her pussy. Her red knickers are tight and lacy and I can see a wet patch forming on the material. I can tell she’s excited. I pull her panties to the side and plunge my tongue deep into her tight wet pussy. She rests her feet on my back while I take my time eating her out. She tastes so much better than my wife. Her loud moans fill the air as I finger her pussy and suck her clit. I feel Leigh pushing my head down and gyrating on my mouth as she squirts in my face. She looks extremely happy and excited as she stands up and whips out my hard cock and begins giving me a deep and messy blowjob. She sucks cock better than my wife too! Leigh then pushes me onto the dining table, climbs on top of me and rides me cowgirl style, fucking me hard until I blow my hot load in her tight pussy. I’ve always wanted to give Leigh Darby a creampie! After that we got dressed and agreed it would probably be best to never mention this to my wife.


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