Babestation has been popping up in a lot of news a lot recently, and the latest articles from the Daily Star focus on two of Babestation top earners, Yasmin Nicole and Tiffany Diaz.

Yasmin Nicole is one of the highest earning Babestation models on Babestation, but it isn’t all Prada bags and Range Rovers. She recently told the Daily Star that she often receives nasty messages from users and she goes on to explain that you need a thick skin to work in the XXX industry. Yasmin Nicole, a former makeup artist from London, joined Babestation in January 2021 after having trouble finding employment due to all the Covid restrictions. After joining Babestation TV as a phonesex worker and also signing up to Babestation Cams as a cam girl, Yasmin soon started seeing the money come flooding in.

daily star
Yasmin Nicole

Although Yasmin has been raking it in since joining Babestation Cams, that doesn’t mean that she is immune to offensive remarks from strangers. On her Babestation feeds, some viewers go so far as to message insults. She told the Daily Star:

“I get a lot of prejudice and insults about how I look. We have studio producers who can report and block them, and we also have a team that has the authority to kick users from the site. To be completely honest, it doesn’t bother me at all anymore, but when I first started, I used to respond and dispute.

Yasmin isn’t remotely fussed by the trolls who spew their hate online but she did explain that the biggest problem she faces are people who steal content from the girls, either from their Onlyfans or the Babestation VIP gallery and upload it to pirate sites. She says:

“It’s a discredit to us to think that we just show up, look pretty and receive a lot of money for nothing. It’s still a job and it does involve a good work ethic if you want to be in it for the long run. I think some people also think our job is a reflection of our personal sex lives and that we are promiscuous or ‘easy’. When I started my job I was in a relationship but I am now single due to the perception of the role and social stigma. It can be a hard thing to explain to people. Some people have a hard time separating my on-screen persona and me as a person. Sometimes people recognise me and catcall or ask personal questions which can be uncomfortable.”

Daily Star

Another babe channel model featured in the Daily Star this week is Tiffany Diaz, who was previously working her ass off in Tesco for a measly £450 a month before she packed it all in and joined Onlyfans. The 24-year-old model told the Daily Star:

“I was at Tesco on a zero-hour contract and some months I would barely make £450. I was just getting to the stage where I was getting fed up with it and I wanted more in life. I was living in an apartment and some months I could barely afford to eat and would borrow money from family. The financial difference was massive and I’ve been able to buy my first home and I’ve been able to help my friends and family and I am self-sufficient now. Previously I was taking out loans and borrowing money but now I don’t have any debt.

daily star
Tiffany Diaz

Tiffany explained how she first entered the British porn industry.

“I had always been interested in the sex industry and I thought about it for a very long time but it was a very tough decision. I considered it at 19 but I was scared of what people would think. I didn’t want my mum to be disappointed and I wasn’t sure what her outlook would be on it. I said to her one day that I’ve quit Tesco and this is what I’m doing. She was really supportive which I was quite shocked at. I didn’t expect her to be that supportive but she was.”

After establishing herself on OnlyFans, Tiffany was then approached by Babestation who offered her an opportunity to become a adult phone chat worker, appearing on babenation, pervcam and across our other webcam streaming sites such as sexstation and rampant tv expanding her reach even further. She said:

“Everything I own I pay for it out right and the life I live now would have been impossible at Tesco. If I was still working in Tesco on a zero-hour contract with the current cost of living crisis I don’t know what I would do. It would be really hard.”

Why not connect with Tiffany Diaz and Yasmin Nicole via Babestation Cams or check out their Onlyfans for X-rated picture and video content.


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