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Cam Girl of the Week – Best Of

Who doesn’t love a compilation! Over the last 2 months we’ve brought you some raunchy interviews which have delved deep into the filthy lives of our webcam models, in Cam Girl of the Week. In this blog, you can save a couple hours reading time and get all of the best bits from these interviews.

Alice Summer can be your anything!
My fetish is your fetish, I love being your secretary, neighbour, your girlfriend’s best friend, a naughty school girl or a random stranger in a bar. Some of my favourites are, foot fetish, I absolutely love having my feet worshipped. Oil fetish, having my body all shiny, love it!

Scarlett Jones plays the field!
I was on cam and a girl actually came through, quite a rare thing to happen. We were doing 2 way cam so I could see her too, she started fingering herself over me. It was very naughty and it really turned me on!

Feisty X wants to enter the unknown…
I enjoy meeting all different kinds of men and exploring their wants/fetishes, even learning new things myself. Some of the fetishes that guys have requested I haven’t heard of before, sometimes I’m entering into the sexual unknown.

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Blonde Cutie loves a good old toy!
Yes I love a good toy!! A glass dildo is a must, I love the coldness of it going in, it turns me on.

Jessika Jinx has lots of naughty stories…
I once cammed with someone I knew, I was so horny for him, talking filth with each other I ended up cumming so hard on cam for him! The next time we saw each other we put all our filthy talk into practice!

Alice has a whole range of toys…
I have a vibrator, realistic dildos, vaginal beads, anal beads and a dildo with balls attached.

Scarlett rates her oral skills…
I’m not sure if this is a fetish, but I do love sucking dick, I think my oral skills are great! I urge guys to do 2-way cam with me so I can see their dick and act out a blowjob!

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Here’s Feisty’s thought on penis size!
I don’t think it does matter. I’ve been with men who are big and also small. As long as he knows how to use it correctly then it doesn’t make a difference. If that fails, there’s always toys we can use to spice it up a bit.

Is Blonde Cutie a member of the Mile High Club?
No, but I wish I was! I got so close this year to finally being a member but unfortunately the cabin crew lady stopped us going in the toilet together! Thankfully she just laughed over it, maybe one day.

Jessika’s sexual bucket list is rather interesting!
I’ve got quite a vast sexual bucket list, lots of filthy things I’ve ticked off over the years!
Still to tick off is joining the mile high club! Always wanted to do that! The thought of being caught turns me on so much! I also want to go to the Hedonism resort in Jamaica! That would be so much fun, surrounded by lots of sexy people enjoying themselves!

Any time for Alice 😉
I enjoy sex at any hour of the day. I don’t have a rule about when and where to have sex so it’s not just a night or morning thing for me. I’m horny most of the time anyway.

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Scarlett isn’t your regular babe!
I can speak 5 languages! English, French, Russian, German and Spanish! Don’t believe me, come and test me…

Feisty reveals her favourite sex position!
To be hogtied with my arms and legs together, the feeling of being powerless is very arousing to me. Not knowing what’s going to happen to me is such a turn on.

Here’s what Blonde Cutie looks for in a man…
I look for personality more than anything. They have to be a charmer ready for you to be their little princess! They need to be good fun and be ready to hit the dance floor with me!!!  They must also have their own sexual fantasies and ideas to spice up our sex/love life.

Jessika loves being dominated…
I think my favourite would have to be doggy style, I love when a guy pushes my face down into the bed! I also love it in the shower, me and an ex used to start the morning in the shower together, me pinned up against the wall face first! We loved to film it and watch it later in the night to get us back in the mood! I think my least favourite is me on top! I like it sometimes but I love being dominated in the bedroom!

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