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Babestation Cams – Top 5 Big Booty Babes

Recently we put out a blog which focused on our top 5 bustiest babes on Babestation Cams. It’s only right we do one featured on our big booty babes too! In this blog we’ll be providing you with the top 5 Cam models which dominate every hump day.

Ashley Emma

As expected, Ashley Emma is the first name on this list! Just look at that voluptuous bottom! It’s a thing of beauty, you just can’t take your eyes of it. Whenever Ashley Emma logs into Babestation Cams, all of her fans flock to see her twerk her defining feature. Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out.

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Damn, Preeti got the curves! She loves to show it off and we love to watch her do it. Preeti knows how to put a show on for her fans and it usually involves a lot of ass shaking! To be honest, the pictures don’t do it justice, you have to see it in action when Preeti goes on Babestation Cams!

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Charlie C

Here’s a true legend! Charlie C recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary for her service at Babestation! With a booty like that, she can stay on for another 10 years! When you see a babe like Charlie C with an ass like that, you’ve gotta simple sit back and applaud her.

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I bet you were wondering where Priya was whilst you were perving on Preeti! With almost identical booties, Preeti & Priya can definitely make any man weak at the knees. Priya, much like Preeti, loves to shake her ‘ass-ets’ on Babestation Cams and watch the compliments come flooding in via the chat box. 10/10 ass for Priya!

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Gemma Jane

Possibly saving the best until last 😉 Gemma Jane always amazes us when she’s on TV or webcam, because that body is unbelievable! She is the definition of curvaceous. Her ass is something of a legend here at Babestation HQ, there was no way she was going to miss out on this top 5 list!

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