Babestation Cams is back with another Cam Girl of the Week! It’s time for your filthy fix of naughty stories and saucy snaps! Your last Babestation Cams Girl of the Week was Scarlett Jones and that was an EPIC interview, this week’s the crown goes to Feisty X, this is also an interview not to be missed!

Feisty X is definitely a girl who will grab your attention! This natural beauty describes herself as wild and kinky with enchanting eyes you just have to gaze in to. She prides herself on her curvy shape, long blonde locks and peachy ass! However, it’s not just all looks with Feisty X, she isn’t the stereotypical blonde. She regards her personality as a breath of fresh air, fun loving and super quirky. She participates in a lot of voluntary work for equal rights charities and even represented Great Britain at a European representatives meeting! In addition to this, she does kettle bell training 5 times a week alongside intense kickboxing sessions! Definitely not your typical blonde!


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How long have you been on Babestation Cams?
Only 2 months so far but I’ve already had some very memorable Cam sessions, it’s all very exciting and I’m up for most things on Cam

What do you enjoy most about being a Babestation Cams Girl?
I enjoy meeting all different kinds of men and exploring their wants/fetishes, even learning new things myself. Some of the fetishes that guys have requested I haven’t heard of before, sometimes I’m entering into the sexual unknown.

Which three words describe you best?
Cheeky, Chatty and Confident!

What outfits do you usually wear on Cam?
I wear everything from PVC to naughty lingerie sets. I love to role play so I keep a lot of kinky outfits nearby just incase somebody wants me to be their filthy helping nurse or a dominant police officer.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a mechanic, I’m good with my hands and like to get them dirty

Do you have a fetish?
I absolutely love BDSM, I’ve got a toolbox full of domination equipment, you’ll have to come and see for yourself.

If there were a Babestation Cams party, which babes would you be partying with?
I’d definitely be on the dance floor with Lacey & Eyekins. Whenever we get together, it’s bound to get a little wild.

What is your hidden talent?
I’m a burlesque dancer! So I’m used to putting on a show with showing all parts of my body.

What’s your favourite sexual position?
To be hogtied with my arms and legs together, the feeling of being powerless is very arousing to me. Not knowing what’s going to happen to me is such a turn on.

Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
Definitely in the morning. Being fully pleasured is always the best way to start the day. It’s best when you wake up, not knowing the time and just going at it with each other.

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What do guys on Cam usually ask of you?
Most guys ask to see my tattooed breasts and then want a show involving a toy, usually a vibrator of their choice. Trust me, they get to see a good show!

How often do you think about sex?
Multiple times a day. Deep thoughts!

Does penis size really matter?
I don’t think it does matter. I’ve been with men who are big and also small. As long as he knows how to use it correctly then it doesn’t make a difference. If that fails, there’s always toys we can use to spice it up a bit.

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
I like to shower, get dressed up and really look the part, I want to look as sexy as possible for all my clients. This gets me in the mood to please.

Do you like watching porn?
I watch a lot of lesbian porn. Watching other women enjoy themselves gets me really going!

Do you use sex toys on yourself?
I use sex toys, vibrators and bullets! The bullets come out when I’m extra horny.

Screamer or a Moaner?
I’m a moaner! Long, hard and deep moans!

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