We’re ready for the weekend! Ready for some absolute filth, ready for some hot Cam models, and ready to have a damn good time! We’ve got a whole range of unmissable Babestation Cams shows lined up for you.


Who: Maisie Leigh & Jasmin Marie
What: Oiled Up Bunnies!
When: 10:30pm – 2:30am

jasmin jas marie maisie leigh babestation cams

Blonde bombshell alert! Maisie Leigh & Jasmin Marie both joined Babestation Cams this year and they have very quickly become your favourite blondes! They’ve joined forces for a special webcam show, which will definitely grab all the attention. These 2 have requested to be your sexy bunnies with the addition of a lot of baby oil! Forget about Playboy bunnies, Maisie Leigh & Jasmin Marie are your Babestation Bunnies! This is their first girl-girl show together and they are very excited for it! We reckon this show could be a contender for Best Webcam Show of the Year! Make sure you tune in for this one, it starts on Friday night at 10:30pm.

Click here to join the Babestation Cams show with Maisie Leigh & Jasmin Marie!

Who: Naomi Lee
What: Cam Show Special!
When: 9pm – 1am

naomi lee babestation cams

If you don’t know who Naomi Lee is then you’ve probably never been on Babestation Cams before. Naomi was the #1 Webcam Model for October! She’s one of the most in demand babes we have, and guess what, we’ve got her down to the Babestation Cams Studios for a special webcam show! She’s bringing a whole range of outfits with her, she’s got a cheeky latex dress, a revealing college girl combo and some seriously hot lingerie. See what the hype is all about with Naomi Lee on Friday from 9pm!

Get with Naomi Lee on Babestation Cams! Click here.


Who: Jade Samantha & Louise
What: College Girls Special!
When: 9pm-1am

jade samantha and louise babestation cams

What a sexy duo we have here. Jade Samantha & Louise have been hosting many girl-girl shows from home over the past couple months. Their performances have been so filthy that we realised their next show will have to take place in our studios. Jade & Louise are travelling down to Babestation Cams HQ for a special one off college girl themed show! We’ve had a sneak peak at their outfits and trust us, you eyes will be popping out of their sockets! Jade & Louise begin their special show on Saturday at 9pm.

Click here to get with Jade Samantha & Louisa on Babestation Cams!


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