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Boobs & Oil – 3 Girl Babestation Cams Show

This must feel like deja vu, another 3 girl webcam show on Babestation Cams! Your eyes don’t deceive you, we’ve got 3 of our bustiest babes together for an unprecedented cam special! We’ve assembled the ‘Boob Brigade’ together for what possibly could be our breast cam show ever 😉


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Who: Charlie C, Vicky Narni & Danni Levy
What: 3 Girl Cam Show – Big Boobs & Oil!
When: 9:30pm – Late

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The image going through your mind right now is BOOBS, BOOBS & MORE BOOBS! If you were to pick out 3 babes who have the biggest knockers, this trio would without doubt top that list. It’s the first time ever they’re doing a 3-girl cam Show together. The ‘Boob Brigade’ will be out in full force, armed with unlimited amounts of baby oil to rub into their humongous bosoms! When we were organising this show, we questioned ourselves as to how their boobs will all fit in one camera shot!

We announced this show on Monday and the response was overwhelming. A lot of people thought this was fake and couldn’t believe we got this 3 busty babes together for a live cam show. Rest assured, this is real and it is happening on Friday night! We got in contact with this sexy trio to get their thoughts on what will be an exhilarating show…

You girls usually do 2 girl shows together, how come you’re treating us to a 3 girl special?!

Charlie: We wanted to give all of our fans a treat and everyone always asks for us 3 to do a show together, so we’re finally doing it!
Vicky: I’ve done girl-girl shows with both these girls in the past and they’ve been wild, but this will take it to another level.

So is there going to be a lot of Oil involved?

Danni: We’re going to be covered in oil! I’ll be rubbing it into Charlie & Vicky too!
Charlie: We’ve got around 10 bottles of baby oil, but I got a feeling that won’t be enough…

I’m guessing this is going to be a crazy show?

Vicky: When you’ve got the Boob Brigade together, there’s only one outcome! The craziest & horniest cam show ever.
Danni: We seriously can’t wait for this. Friday night couldn’t come any sooner 😉



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