Are you completely new to the erotic world of the webcam industry? Maybe you’ve stumbled across our page hoping to see a big set of breasts, or perhaps you’re ready to indulge in your first ever webcam chat. If any of this is true, you need to read this guide! We will talk you through the extremely simple steps on how to create an account, top it up, find a Babestation Cams model and get chatting!

Babestation Cams is one of the UK’s leading live cam streaming websites! We provide you with some of the top cam models in the world, who are all waiting to interact with people like you! We are sure you’ve watched Babestation TV in the past, well we are their naughty sister, and by naughty we mean x-rated! When it’s not allowed to be shown on TV (due to various pesky laws), it’s shown on Babestation Cams! All the glamour models you see on Babestation TV are just a few clicks away on Babestation Cams! We also deliver special showcase shows regularly, which include some very naughty girl-on-girl live webcam shows. To watch our beautiful models in action you’ll need to create an account…

How To Create a FREE Account!

Head to our homepage, then on the top-right-hand-side of the page you’ll have the option to ‘Create Free Account’.

click to register babestation cams

You’ll then be presented with our registration form, which looks like this:

click to register babestation cams

Simply fill in your details, have a think about what you want your username to be, this is what the girls will know you as! Don’t make it too long or too hard to remember, make it snappy!

Once you’ve submitted your details, we’ll send you an email containing a verification link; click that link to verify your account and you’re ready to chat!

NOTE: If you do not receive the email, please check you junk/spam folder.

verify babestation cams

Once you are a verified member, all you have to do is log in! Click the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right of the home page and simply enter your details.

login babestation cams

What Are Credits?

Credits are basically the currency on Babestation Cams; you’ll need to buy credits before you start interacting with our cam performers. All shows cost a certain amount of credits per minute. It’s all very simple; £10 = 10 credits, and the more you top-up the more free bonus credits you earn on top!

buy credits babestation cams

Once you’ve picked the amount you want to top up by and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, you’ll be presented with this page to enter your payment information.

payment page babestation cams


If you’re running low on credit during a cam show, we have a very clever function called ‘auto top-up’. This is automatically enabled on your account (you can turn it off if need be). If you’re in a chat with a girl and your credit is about to run out, auto top-up will come into play and top your account up without you having to do anything. But how much will it top you up? Your most recent manual top up will be the default amount auto top-up will use e.g. if you topped up 10 credits, you will be auto topped up 10 credits when you’re about to run out. So rather than being cut off mid-way through a chat with your favourite cam girl, you can keep on going… if you’ve got in you! Your account balance will also be shown at the top right of the page.

Finding Your Ideal Cam Model

So you have an account and credits – now what? If you already know which girl you want, we have a handy search bar on our home page, simply type in the girls name and voila! If you’re looking to play the field and see what models tickle your fancy, our home page will show you our cam models. You’ll see hundreds of models and their profile pictures, it’s up to you which one you want to choose. If that model is online it will have a green button under their picture, below is an example of some of the girls which log in.

online girls babestation cams

Once you’ve found the girl you want to interact with, click on their picture to view their profile. Below their profile picture picture you’ll you can find out some more about them e.g. breast size, sexuality, favourite sexual position etc. You’ll also see the price of credits it is to chat with that particular model in a group chat or in private.

profile babestation cams

On the same page, you’ll see some very naughty pictures of your model strutting her stuff. If you want to see some even naughtier snaps, head to the ‘My Private Pics’ tab and you have the option of purchasing some x-rated photo galleries.

private galleries babestation cams

To find out some more saucy info about your cam model, head to the ‘More about me’ tab. On here, your cam model will usually describe what she’ll do on cam for you, what outfits she has and her fetishes. This is a great bit of information when deciding which cam model you want to pick!

about me babestation cams

Group & Private chat – What’s The Difference?

Account set up? check! Credits? check! Picked your cam model? check! Now you can start chatting!

There are 2 different ways to connect to our cam models, you can start a group chat or a private chat. When you click the ‘ONLINE Cam with ME!’ button, you’ll be given the prices of both the group & private options.

group private chat babestation cams

Once connected you’ll see a high quality webcam feed of your chosen cam model. When it comes to chatting to our girls, you can message them via the text box:

chat box babestation cams

During the show, you can ask the model to activate a two-way cam function, which allows the girl to see and hear you! What you ask your cam model to do is completely up to you So what’s the difference between group and private? Group chat is when multiple users can chat to the model at the same time. But if you want a more intimate experience you can choose to go private, which means it’s only you and the cam model together, the other guys lose out! We recently wrote an article on why you should go private – read here:

Tips: Sharing Is Caring!

When you’re in a chat with your cam model, you’ll see the option to give a ‘tip’. Let’s say you’re asking your cam model to do something she wouldn’t usually do, she may ask for a small tip to satisfy your cheeky request. Or let’s say you’re really enjoying your time with your cam model, you can tip her to show her your appreciation!

tips babestation cams

There you have it! All the easy steps on how to be a pro on Babestation Cams. We think it’s time you made an account and found your perfect cam model! Head to our homepage –


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