We’ve been on a roll with delivering you uncensored interviews with some of the best glamour models in the industry. This week is no different, we’ve picked an absolute sort for this edition of Cam Girl of the Week. This babe’s name is on the lips of every modelling agency out there right now, she is hot on the scene! This week’s Cam Girl of the Week goes to the incredible Bella Mendez! In this blog, Bella will reveal her hidden talent, her sexuality and her erotic fantasies, plus a whole lot more! There’s also some super hot snaps of Bella along the way you can save and use for later.

bella mendez babestation cams

Bella Mendez joined the Babestation team only a few months ago but has grasped the attention of many men! Her exotic and curvaceous appearance has had a lot of tongues wagging. Bella began her journey by featuring in various reality TV shows such as ITV’s Prank Pad & MTV’s Judge Georgie. During her appearances on TV, her jaw-dropping looks got the attention of high profile modelling agencies. After showing off her assets at various shoots and auditions, she entered the glamour modelling industry with a bang! Bella Mendez is now part of a management group who handles some of the top reality stars across the UK. She definitely caught our eye early on and after a lot of emails and meetings, we managed to secure Bella as a resident babe!

Bella describes herself as an exotic, wild, little rascal who’s a bundle of fun! We do not disagree! When Bella isn’t in front of our cameras she’s most likely at an exclusive event. Bella gets invites to many red carpet events, film premieres and corporate functions. She also gets her all in one leather outfits on when she heads to racing track as a grid girl, vroom vroom! If it’s not the track, it’s a boxing ring; Bella is also a ring girl. She’s definitely a knock out! In addition to this super busy lifestyle, Bella is a shop-a-holic, gym-a-holic and loves to dance and sing! She even has a part in an upcoming feature film!

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Tell us about your time so far at Babestation?
I started at Babestation 3 months ago and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love coming into the studios and getting ready to go on screen. It’s perfect for me because I love to talk, so talking to guys is so natural to me. I’m also a really flirty girl, so having a cheeky flirt over the phone or on cam is very enjoyable. And forming a friendship over the phone with a guy is great, it’s fun getting to know new people.

What do you get out of being a Cam Girl?
To be honest, I am happiest when I’m naked! So getting fully naked on cam just does it for me. I can’t get fully naked on TV, but I can on cam, so it’s just ideal. I also get off on the fact that guys want to talk and interact with me because of the way I look, it makes me feel quite powerful. And also, I just love a good old flirt!

Tell us about your sexuality?
I would say I’m straight but I work on a connection basis. If I have a strong connection with a girl, then I’d pursue the girl. I used to be a long term relationship with a girl. It just all depends on how I connect with the other person.

Have you had any connections with your Babestation colleagues?
Now that would be telling

Which three words describe you best?
Cheeky, Naughty and Free-Spirited. Is Free-Spirited one word or two, ha.

What naughty things can guys expect from you on Cam?
One time a few of my girls were over having a few too many drinks. I was in my bedroom on cam chatting to a few of my regular clients on group chat. The girls then came into my bedroom and started having it off with each other. It pretty much turned into one big orgy. The guys who I was chatting to were in shock ha!

What outfits do you have in your wardrobe?
I do love a bit of role play, so I have a fair few outfits tucked away. The secretary look is probably my favourite, followed by being a cheerleader. But if a guy wants me in leather, I’ll wear leather, I take on all special requests.

bella mendez babestation cams

Who is your celebrity crush?
Chris Brown. I tend to get attracted a bad boy.

What does your ideal man need to have?
Firstly, my man needs to have a cheeky smile, that’s most important. I do like a guy with mysterious eyes, eyes that tell me a story. He also has to be charming, that sweep you of your feet type of vibe. Ambition is a big one, he needs to know where he’s going in life. And finally, to be a free-spirit like me, willing to travel, be spontaneous and live life.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a white Beyonce ha. I love to sing and dance, plus I’ve got the curves.

What’s on your sexual bucket list that you still need to tick off?
Erm…(a long think). I think I’ve ticked off most things actually. Maybe one of you naughty minded guys can come on cam with me and give me an idea of what to do! I’m open to suggestions

Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m a qualified cheer leading instructor! So I have a fair few different cheerleader outfits I can wear. A few guys on cam like me to do a little cheer leading routine for them. Being a cheerleader has made me very flexible.

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?
What’s the Mile High Club? (After explaining what the MHC is…) Oh ha, I’ve never heard of that. That’s made me very interested now. I think I’m going on holiday soon, so maybe I’ll be a member soon.

What sexual positions do you love most?
I need to feel dominated during sex, so missionary is one of my favourites, having the guy on top of me really turns me on. Most guys want it doggy style with me, as I’m quite a curvy girl.

Sex in the morning or at night?
Night time definitely! I feel more promiscuous at night, so I can get up to a lot more! Plus, I’m just not a morning person.

What do guys usually want you to do on cam?
Most want me to dominate them. Boss them around, tell them what to do, belittle them etc. I quite enjoy doing it actually, it makes me feel really empowered.

Is it the size of the hammer? Or the guy swinging it?
It’s all about the motion in the ocean

Are you a fan of chat up lines?
Nobody has ever given me a good chat up line. I just think it’s so cheesy. If you want to chat and get to know me, wine and dine me. I want to be treated like a queen, not a little girl.

Do you sleep naked?
Yes every night! I hate feeling trapped by clothes.

What makes you wet without fail?
Strong and long foreplay! I want the guy to take their time with my whole body, teasing me and getting me to the point where I just need to have sex.

What is your erotic fantasy?
I want to find my own version of Christian Grey. Then he’d take me away to a remote location and we’d be alone in our domination room. Thinking about it now is even turning me on!

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