Whether you chat to our Babestation Cams models regularly, or if you’ve never even spoken to a babe before – maybe you are an avid viewer but tend to use group sessions; you might be wondering what private chat entails. In this blog, you’re going to find out exactly what is involved in a private chat, what some of our top cam models think of going private and you’ll even discover a few tips and secrets!

1. Access All Areas

Going private on Babestation Cams is like being giving x-ray-ted glasses, you get to see everything! When you’re in a group chat some cam models may only be half naked or in their lingerie, but if you hit that all important private button, be prepared! The outfits and panties quickly become lost and won’t be found again. Legendary cam model Jada told us, ‘when the guy goes private he gets to see my pussy’, no messing around there Some of the Babestation cam models only ever go naked on private cams, it truly is access all areas! The group session is like watching the trailer to a film, and going private is like having your own ‘private’ full film screening.

2. The Intimate Experience
babestation cams handcuffs

Babestation Cams is all about providing you with an intimate and personal experience and going private has that in abundance. You effectively control the girl, you can tell her what to wear, what positions you want her in, what to do to herself, what you want her to say…I think you get the picture. Cam Queen Levi has many private clients and said ‘I know they want to get straight down to business so I get naughty straight away’. All the focus and attention of the cam model is on you, not the 4-5 other guys that were in the group session moments prior to you clicking private. Levi also said, ‘I will go out of my way to accommodate your fetishes and fantasies’. Fulfil your deepest desires by going private!

3. “I want to see your big hard…”

Yes, you can see the Babestation Cams model in all of her glory, but what if she wants to see you too! Our cam models can send you a ‘two-way’ cam request and that’s where it gets really interesting. Jada told us, “I like perving on them whilst they wank their cocks in ‘two-way’ cam!” Rather than telling our cam models how big your piece is, why not show them? Tommie Jo, one of our most in demand cam girls said, “there isn’t a bigger turn-on than seeing a guy’s hard dick on cam”. And guess what, sharing your cam has no extra charge!

4. #DoNotDisturb
do not disturb babestation cams

Have you ever been in a group session and all of sudden the performer is gone? What’s happened? Has she logged off? Did she kick me out? Well, the mostly scenario is has accepted a private show request from another fella! Going private with a cam model is like locking the door and only you’ve got they key. You have the power to take your cam model away from the prying eyes of other users! Maddy Rose, our busiest cam girl in May, told us, “there are no interruptions, it’s just me and him, one on one”. Don’t let another guy beat you to the punch!

5. Wasn’t Expecting That!

Once you hit that private button expect the unexpected! Our current Cam Girl of the Week, Ruby Ryder told us when she went private with one guy on Babestation Cams she had full on live lesbian sex with her ex-girlfriend! Yes, we all love a surprise, but I think that guy hit the jackpot! When you go private you are entering the realm of x-rated exclusive viewing pleasure. Who knows what may occur, we’ve heard stories of girl-on-boy, girl-on-girl, orgies, sex parties and who knows what else! You’ll never know what surprises await once you go private on Babestation Cams!

You’ve heard all of the naughty benefits as to why you should go private with our cam models, so what are you waiting for! The private feature is available on every cam model we have, take your pick!

Click here to go private with one of our Babestation Cams models today!

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