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Cam Girl of the Week – Best Of

Over the last few months, you’ve been treated to some truly x-rated interviews from our Babestation Cams models of the Week. You’ve found out filthy facts from both our Mia’s, seen exactly why there’s so much hype surrounding Kallurex and uncovered the naughty secrets of Jenny James. We’ve collated the best bits from those articles and mashed them up together in this compilation for you! We guarantee you, this will be a memorable read!

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We asked Mia Middleton why she loves to go on Babestation Cams…
“I enjoy playing out different fantasies. Once I was on an hour long cam session with a guy, and he wanted me to be his air hostess. So I dressed up in my hostess outfit and pretended we were on a plane! I would walk up and down the aisle, he would put his hand up asking for my attention, then I would satisfy his requests. As the flight went on, it got dirtier and and dirtier. That night he got to join the Mile High Club with me!”

Kallurex told us what her fetish was, the answer was interesting…
“I’m obsessed with arms and hands! I love a guy who is really animated with his body language, I find myself becoming hypnotised. The more hand movement the better. I also love big shoulders, beards and tattoos.”

We asked Jenny James what guys love about her…
“100% my ass! The amount of compliments I get are unreal, my clients always ask me to shake it on cam, and I always oblige. Have a look at my pics and rate my ass out of 10.”

Mia Goddess shared with us her favourite sexual position, her answer will get you hot under the collar!
“The majority of girls say doggy-style, but I’m a dominant girl who likes to take control. So my favourite, and most pleasurable position is reverse cowgirl. I want the guy to get a good view of my juicy ass whilst I’m riding his dick. He can see me twerking on his hard dick, he can even record me doing it too, so we can watch it together after!”

We ‘scratched’ the surface on Mia Middleton’s fetish…
“I’ve got a biting and scratching fetish! I discovered it when I first started having sex. For me, it makes it so much more intense and sexual. I tell guys to put their hands on my throat, scratch my back and bite me. Since joining Babestation, I’ve also found out I have a bit of a foot fetish!”

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Kallurex + Face Fucking = Heaven! Find out why…
“I love playing with cock. I once gave a guy the hand job of his life, he told me nobody has ever made him cum that quickly, less than 3 minutes! I also consider myself to be a blowjob queen, there’s nothing more sexy than going down on a guy. I enjoy the throbbing feeling of his cock when it’s at the back of my throat. My best position is when my head is off the bed and the guy is above me face fucking me!”

Jenny’s sexual bucket list sounds fun!
“I’ve got a few things I still want to tick off. I want to be part of a secret masked sex party, so you can only see their body and you don’t actually know who exactly you’re having sex with. The mystery of it would be such a turn on. Another thing would be to have sex in the wild, like a forrest, I like a bit of adventure.”

A strange encounter for Mia Goddess on Babestation Cams…
“One client went into a private chat with me, it was strange because he wasn’t talking, just watching. It was like he was just admiring my beauty. I kept asking him what he’d like me to do for him but he wouldn’t say a single word! After a while he left the chat, but then came back straight after to carry on watching. Usually guys get filthy with me, but he just wanted to observe. Each to their own!”

Kallurex told us all about her sex toys!
“I couldn’t survive without my vibrator! I also have a clitoral stimulating toy which is my all time fav. I use it when I’m riding on top and when giving head, for added pleasure. And finally I have a penetrative vibrator, it’s a mini pink one, if you’re lucky I’ll give u a demo of it on Babestation Cams!”

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Mia Middleton shared a hilarious story with us!
“It was when I was with my first ever boyfriend, he was over at mine and about to leave. I gave him a passionate kiss before he left, then he started feeling my tights. He must have enjoyed it because he prematurely ejaculated! I knew straight away what happened, he was very embarrassed. I guess I can take it as a compliment right?”

Jenny isn’t your usual cam model!
“I’m a girl who has many unexpected hobbies. I actually ride a motorbike, I have a Honda Hornet 600CC, vroom vroom, I can ride! I enjoy rock climbing, sketch pictures, teach spin class and also dance salsa. Yes, I’m a very active person with many interests!”

Mia Goddess’ response when we asked her thoughts on a threesome!
“No, I’m very selfish in bed, I want my mans dick all to myself, especially if it’s a big one Sharing isn’t caring in the bedroom.”

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