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Mia Goddess – Cam Girl of the Week

It’s time for the Babestation Cams Girl of the Week title to be bestowed upon the next lucky babe! This week, the crown goes to a girl who’s fairly new to Babestation Cams but has made a huge impact already! We’re very excited to welcome this babe to the team, your Babestation Cams Girl of the Week is Mia Goddess! In this blog, you’ll find out Mia’s hidden talents, why she enjoys reverse cow girl and her fantasy of recording a sex album!

Joining Babestation Cams only 3 weeks ago, she’s very quickly laid down a flirty impression amongst her clients! Mia Goddess has been on the glamour scene for a while now and she’s destined to be a fantastic addition to our team. She’s renowned for her juicy and curvy figure, most notably her ‘bubble butt’. She’s got the skills to back it up too! Mia is often twerking away on cam, if you’re lucky you may even see Mia grind on her very own strip pole! She describes herself as a frisky sensual girl with a dominating personality, she is drawn to the gentlemen of the world, treat her right and she’s yours all night!


So you have a strip pole in your house?
Yes I do! I perform lots of strip teases and pole dances! I love it, and I’m very skilled in it, you’ll have to see what the hype is all about on Babestation Cams!

What lingerie colour do you opt for?
Oh it has to be red. It’s a very seductive colour and all my lingerie fits me perfectly. If you’re a good boy, you won’t be seeing any lingerie on me 😉

What’s your favourite sexual position?
The majority of girls say doggy-style, but I’m a dominant girl who likes to take control. So my favourite, and most pleasurable position is reverse cowgirl. I want the guy to get a good view of my juicy ass whilst I’m riding his dick. He can see me twerking on his hard dick, he can even record me doing it too, so we can watch it together after!

Do you sleep naked?
Every night! I never really liked clothes, I’ve always slept naked with my legs wide open. I’m a naughty girl once I get under the sheets, why not, enjoy it!

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What are your hidden talents?
My pussy and mouth are my best talents. I can make a guy cum in less than 10 seconds, I’m very skilled under the sheets. I’ve never had one complaint about my bedroom skills! I’m also quite an artist, I like to draw pictures of penises & pictures of dicks in my mouth haha!

What type of guys are you drawn to on Babestation Cams?
My ideal client would have to be very confident, dominant and match me in those areas. I need to mentally and sexually connect with them. They need to know what they want but also do what I tell them. I like two-way cam so we can virtually fuck, so he’ll need to be ready to give it back to me!

What’s your erotic fantasy?
I would love to make a sex tape with a guy who has a high sex drive like me. Not even just a sex tape, I want a sex album! So every time we have sex, we would be recording ourselves & trying new positions. To top of it, I’d want to be having sex on a bed full of money, roses and champagne!

Tell us a naughty sex story?
So me and my ex were stuck in a traffic jam which was far away from our house. I was pretty drunk at the time and felt slightly horny. He had tinted windows on his car so people on the outside couldn’t see in. I took my seat belt off and started kissing him and playing with his dick. Once he was fully turned on, I pushed my seat back, took my thong off and let him finger blast me. Then I started riding his dick but the traffic had just started to move! So the cars behind kept beeping at us to drive faster! So we paused our sex, eventually got back home and went at it! Over the balcony, in the living room, in the shower, it was manic. The neighbour actually reported us for a noise complaint.

What’s the weirdest thing a client has ever done on Babestation Cams with you?
One client went into a private chat with me, it was strange because he wasn’t talking, just watching. It was like he was just admiring my beauty. I kept asking him what he’d like me to do for him but he wouldn’t say a single word! After a while he left the chat, but then came back straight after to carry on watching. Usually guys get filthy with me, but he just wanted to observe. Each to their own!

Have you ever had a threesome? 
No, I’m very selfish in bed, I want my mans dick all to myself, especially if it’s a big one 😉 Sharing isn’t caring in the bedroom.

What do you enjoy most about being on Babestation Cams?
I like making guys feel good. Some guys out there wouldn’t be able to talk to a girl like me on the outside, but fulfilling their fantasy on cam and making them cum is amazing. Plus I love being naked and showing off my body!

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Oh god, I’d love to have a one night stand with Drake or Giggs, they’re my type of men.

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What outfits do you usually wear on Cam?
You name it and I’ve got it! I do like dressing up so on a normal night on Babestation Cams, I change lingerie like 10 times! I like dressing up as a naughty student too, you can be my dominant teacher. On private chat, you decide what I wear 😉

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
I want to have sex on the London Eye, also have sex on the beach and have sex in a nice 5* star hotel with a good view. Basically just have sex in amazing locations, and record it all too!

Are you loud under the bed sheets?
Very! I was once fucking my ex whilst my friend was asleep in the other room, she came in during the afternoon saying, “you two had sex all night and morning, I couldn’t sleep!”.



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