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Kallurex – Babestation Cams Girl of the Week

Babestation Cams Girl of the Week is back! It’s time for your dose of weekly filth and to find out a few unknown facts about one of our top cam girls from the past week! This week’s title goes to a babe who’s been non-stop on Babestation Cams recently, doing daily cam-a-thons to sexually satisfy you horny lot! Your Cam Girl of the Week is Kallurex!

Just looking at her, she’s the illustration of beauty! Kallurex says her perky 34DD’s, voluptuous bum, tiny waist and thick thighs give her the perfect hourglass figure! Take a look at some of the pictures; you can’t disagree with her! Kallurex says she has two sides to her personality, the naughty girly side with an addiction to sexy lingerie, and the sweet side of being a country girl and competing in horse races! Before becoming a Babestation Cams model, Kallurex was a lifeguard – think Baywatch but with a tighter red bikini! She still has all her pool side gear, so if you’re lucky she may suit up for you! Kallurex is also currently studying biology, as she wants to become a vet. Kallurex is a babe of many talents!

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What do you enjoy most about being a Babestation Cams girl?
Camming has become one of my favourite hobbies! I love to glam myself up and look sexy for you naughty boys, it really turns me on seeing you get excited. I enjoy having a good banter and a laugh, I’m pretty witty. It also makes me feel so hot teasing, playing and making you cum!

What outfits should guys expect to see you in?
I’m usually in a tiny crop top with my sexy suspender sets, finished off with my over the knee boots. I like it when guys admire my outfits, I’m like a cheeky present for you to unwrap!

Do you have a fetish?
I’m obsessed with arms and hands! I love a guy who is really animated with his body language, I find myself becoming hypnotised. The more hand movement the better. I also love big shoulders, beards and tattoos.

What features in a man turn you on?
I’m a sucker for the typical alpha male. Intelligence also really turns me on. I’m a great conversationalist, so I enjoy talking about the more meaningful things in life. Also the guy doesn’t need to be ripped or in shape, I like a little cushin’ for the pushin’ 🙂

If there were a Babestation Cams party, what would you be getting up to?
I’m a total lesbian when I’ve had a few drinks! If I was at a Babestation party then I’d probably be getting naughty with a cute brunette who has big boobs and a massive ass! I like curvy girls. I’d most probably end up in the back room with a few other naughty Babestation Cams girls!

What are you sexual talents?
I love playing with cock. I once gave a guy the hand job of his life, he told me nobody has ever made him cum that quickly, less than 3 minutes! I also consider myself to be a blowjob queen, there’s nothing more sexy than going down on a guy. I enjoy the throbbing feeling of his cock when it’s at the back of my throat. My best position is when my head is off the bed and the guy is above me face fucking me!

What’s an interesting fact about you?
Ironically, I have a fear of holes, its called Trypophobia, Google it 😉

What’s your favourite sexual positions?
Cowgirl! It’s the only position that I have the most intense orgasms with. I’m always using my vibrator when I’m fucking, the vibrations coupled with being filled up gets me off so good. I also love the pile driver position, deep thrusting is always amazing.

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How often do you think about sex?
Sex never leaves my brain, I’m always teasing myself, thinking how amazing it feels when I’m being fucked. I’m always horny, especially in the mornings.

Does penis size really matter?
I find orgasming through just penetration impossible, so I don’t think size matters! As long as you can make me orgasm and I can make you cum, then everyones happy!

How do you get into a naughty mood before you log in?
Before I log on, I make sure I’m looking sexy for you! I spend an hour doing my hair and make up, then I dress to impress. I also keep my sexy toys ready incase I wanna get naughty before I go online.

What is the worst chat up line you’ve heard?
Some geezer in a bar once said, ‘I’d like to point out that beautiful has a U in it, but quicky has a U & I together’. Safe to say, I didn’t take him home ha!

What porn are you into?
I like to watch a lot of lesbian porn, mostly oral. Face sitting really turns me on, so I watch that sometimes also.

You mentioned you have sex toys, tell us a little more?
I couldn’t survive without my vibrator! I also have a clitoral stimulating toy which is my all time fav. I use it when I’m riding on top and when giving head, for added pleasure. And finally I have a penetrative vibrator, it’s a mini pink one, if you’re lucky I’ll give u a demo of it on Babestation Cams!



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