This post was originally written by @babe_tv on their now-deleted Tumblr page, exploring the connection between live babeshow and nudity.

The intricate details of the history of babeshows often overlook a significant aspect, commonly referred to as the ‘elephant in the room’. What we are referring to here is nudity on the babe channels, or more importantly, the establishment of nudity as an acceptable element of post-watershed TV. While this blog post offers interesting recollections from the Bang Babes Freeview shows, it’s important to clarify that it was Babestation that pioneered this trend – both on the Sky platform and terrestrial TV. Babestation’s assertion during their 10th Anniversary babeshow about revolutionising television wasn’t just talk; it’s true, given the huge impact they’ve made. Before Babestation, no TV attempt managed to convince the British public to accept prolonged nudity, especially without any specific reason.

babeshows, Amanda Rendall in underwear
Amanda Rendall

The history of the now-closed Bang Babes is noteworthy. Scottish porn star Amanda Rendall met her match in 2010 when daytime babe Dannii Harwood made an impact with her appearance on a TMTV Freeview show. This stood out, particularly because the first instance of complete nudity on a Freeview babeshow was in 2008 through Donna Duke and Babestation’s Party Girls show. Amanda Rendall and Tiffany Chambers also made early but irregular and experimental appearances.

Camilla naked on the babeshows

Nudity became regular on Freeview babeshows starting in November 2009, mainly on Babestation 1, led by Babenation icon Camilla Jayne. Camilla initiated the first routine nudity on Freeview, presenting a graceful style that fit well into late-night viewing without causing offense. Her approach was elegant and beautiful, displaying controlled yet powerful phone sex TV performances. Her appearances were a significant milestone, particularly during the Partyland Freeview show’s temporary broadcast on Channel 99 or 95 between midnight and 1am due to Channel 97’s ‘softer’ license.

Tiffany Chambers topless in Ibiza
Tiffany Chambers

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The move toward complete nudity on Freeview babeshows started with Babestation 1 in November 2009. It was a noticeable change, with some girls using towels or sheets in 2009 at the moderators’ request for extra coverage. However, exceptions like Reede Fox and Camilla Jayne often appeared entirely nude from the start, drawing significant attention from Freeview viewers.

This shift drew a huge amount of attention, witnessed through various one-time events such as Geri’s first fully naked appearance on Freeview, aiming to attract more viewers to the channel. The impact of nude women on a TV show for advertising can’t be underestimated, aligning with the channels’ emphasis on promotion. Presenters strategically used nudity not only for their own shows but also in other contexts to capture viewers’ attention.

Tori Lee babeshows in white and black lingerie
Tori Lee

Other memorable moments featured Tori Lee from Bang Babes, along with iconic instances from Babestation, recalling notable figures like Karina Currie, Charlie C, Lori Buckby and Georgie Darby. These moments represent significant changes and memorable events within the world of babeshows, marking important developments in the industry.

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