In this blog, webcam model, Elysia explains how she earns £48,000 per year by holding online group sessions of up to six clients at once. Describing herself as a “sexual empowerment performer,” Elysia discussed her career as a webcam model in an interview.

Working for a top webcam model agency, Elysia said she is always shocked by fans and strives not to be judgmental. She believes that there is no such thing as a fixed profile of a webcam audience or webcam model, and she wishes to dispel the stereotype associated with the profession that she chose to pursue.

She receives up to £4,000 a month from online sessions that entail anything from stripteases to masturbation. She also shared that this includes work for up to six clients at once.


Group Sessions

Elysia said how she once had a group session of about six regulars. They were all joking around and with all the fun that went on, she revealed that she never laughed so hard in her life. There was no envy between customers, which is something that can happen especially in a group session.

They all got along pretty smoothly, and she recalled how it turned out to be a truly fantastic night for all of them. For doing this regularly, and working for 40 hours a week, the 28-year-old is able to raise about £4,000 a month.

Not Just About Sex

She also made it a clear point that not all of her patrons are expecting something sexual from her. Some sessions include simply talking while enjoying each other’s company but it is true that most of her clients would request something that include sexual acts like stripping, masturbation, and teasing. According to Elysia, that would be her most requested shows.

According to her knowledge, many of her clients enjoy her online service because they feel lonesome. They normally check in after a long, exhausting day of work with no one to speak to about it when they get home. For those in that case, interacting with a real human being is unquestionably more interesting than watching the television.

Principles And Preferences

However, she strongly stressed that every time she gets a request that makes her feel weird and uncomfortable, she does respectfully notify them that there are requests that she could not grant. These include acts and topics about rape, incest, animal sex, or child pornography. It varies to every cam girl and her preferences.

She wouldn’t put up with anyone having sick fantasies or ordering something that was beyond her preferences. She has no choice but to block rude, arrogant, and weird clients visiting her chatroom, and prefers not to be in contact with someone whom she is not comfortable with. For Elysia, the experience of being a webcam model should be fun for both the model and the client.

Interaction And Connection

The key for being an in-demand webcam model is to establish interaction and connection with a client. Yes, being pretty and having a pleasing personality may play a role in alluring spectators to tune in to you, but it is the way a camgirl carries a conversation and the way she makes her client feel comfortable that are the significant factors encouraging patrons to keep on watching and come back next time she goes online.

Ramona Flo

A Session Of Empowerment

Elysia describes her webcam shows to be a session of empowerment. She further explained that what makes the job of a camgirl interesting is that a model is given a chance to meet random people from all walks of life and hear their stories about their lives, their jobs, or their sexual fantasies. She also added that it gives her a sense of freedom being able to express her sexuality freely to her online spectators without having to deal with the opinions of other people.

The Stigma

Despite the fact that Elysia’s shows are more than just acts of nudity and sexual pleasure, she believes that online sex work still has a stigma attached to it. Being a cam girl, in her view, requires being creative and being inter-personally intelligent more than merely being naked and committing sexual acts. However, what matters most to her these days is being able to do something she loves while still making enough money to help her dependents and sustain her lifestyle.

This job of being a webcam model made her feel more at ease in her own skin and physique, and gave her a chance to spend more time on things that matter the most in her life.

She can’t imagine herself going back to being a corporate slave, doing jobs for the company’s good, now that she’s had the opportunity to earn a lot of money for herself and be her own boss.

Safe From Risks

Outrage was sparked earlier this year by the case of Hope Barden, a webcam model who died after being lured to commit a risky sex act by a psycho pervert named Jerome Dangar.  Because of that incident, Elysia is very much eager to spread awareness of the possible risks, and make sure that her fellow cam girls only do shows that are safe and is not against their principles or values. She also urged to seek for an agency that are respectable and reliable enough.

She explained that although being an online sex worker doesn’t involve having to have a physical contact with her clients, it is still important that their safety should be prioritized all the time, and that includes webcam models. Pointing out the difficulty for online camming websites to constantly monitor all the sessions without resorting to violating privacy policies of customers, she explained that in special cases this could be a solution for abusive clients, and that it could potentially save a life.

For Elysia, being properly educated about the ways of the online world, especially in the online sex industry could make a huge difference and could protect a webcam model from any form of danger and extortion. That is why for her, it is very important to find an agency who encourages and supports their models throughout their careers.

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