If you’ve ever stumbled upon Babestation while flipping through TV channels, or found us online, you may have wondered what it actually is. Babestation is a phone-in adult entertainment program that airs in the UK and Ireland. It features live models who engage in adult phone chat with viewers, as well as performing stripteases and other erotic acts on camera. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into what Babestation is, how it works, and the controversy surrounding it. We’ll also discuss the impact of technology and the internet on this type of adult entertainment industry, and its future in a constantly evolving media landscape.

Babestation is a popular adult entertainment television channel that has been operating for over 16 years. It offers viewers the opportunity to watch live shows featuring erotic performances by various models. While many viewers may initially tune in for the titillation factor, Babestation has garnered a loyal following due to its range of content and the quality of its programming.


Ultimate Interactive experience

Babestation launched in 2002 on SKY TV, and was the first channel in the UK to offer viewers the ability to speak one to one with either a girl on-screen or at home. Since this time the channel has continued to grow and now exists on Sky, Freeview and Virgin TV respectively and has spawned many iterations over the years. Babestation.tv is the shows flagship website and now offers customers many different services and payment methods through it’s recently Babecall service.

The babeshows offer the best selection of british porn stars and glamour models, the cheapest phone sex and classic TV models.

Where can I watch Babestation and the Babeshows

Freeview channels 673 (Babestation), 674 (Babenation, Babecall TV via IPTV), Freesat channel 870 (Babenation), Sky channels 904 (Babenation), 905 (Babestation), Virgin channel 981 (Babenation)

Xpanded broadcast on the Sky network channel 902


Which UK Babe Channels Are There?

There used to be many Babe channels including Bluebird Tv, Red Light Central, Studio66 TV, StormTV, Babeworld , Babecast but in recent years the market has shrunk and as of 2023 only Babestation and Xpanded are broadcasting on British TV.

Rampant TV is a online only babechannel.

What is BabestationCams ?

Babestationcams is a standalone official Babestation web cam and sex cam site featuring all your favourite UK Babechannel babes plus porn stars and webcam models from the UK and elsewhere


What is Babecall ?

Babecall is the calling application that allows you to make calls using your mobile phone tablet or your PC audio, billed securely via credit card.

Babecall works anywhere in the world using your PC or you can use your phone using one of the local access numbers provided.

What is Pervcam ?

You use Pervcam by quickly and easily creating a Babestation account. Once you’re account is created it’s up to you how you use your credits. Some of the channels listed on the right hand side are free to watch, others are premium services usually highlighted by the word Pervcam next to the girls name. Once you have selected the channel you can then choose whether to start spending credits by selecting one of the buttons on the right hand side of the page. Either ‘start pervcam’ ‘request private’ ‘cam2studio’ or ‘request cam2cam ’. All pricing and bundle details can be found live on the top up page.

Pervcam offers secret cam, and private one-on-one shows. Opening up a world of pussy , live babe and fetish action. From classy brunette to busty blonde naughty redhead, sexy lesbian, all your favourite babes.


What is Vibratoy ?

The Lovense Vibratoy is an interactive dildo that can be used with BS Cams live cam girls. Users can send vibrations to their chosen British camgirl with the press of a button on their mobile phone. You can adjust the level of vibrations to tease or tickle your chosen porn cams babe from within, bringing her pleasure and making her moan.

Interacting with your favorite webcam performer while they are using a Vibratoy can make your adult cam sessions much more interactive and immersive. This unique feature allows viewers to control the intensity and duration of vibrations from the toy, giving them a sense of involvement in the experience. This innovative technology has transformed the live cam porn industry, providing an unprecedented level of interactivity between performers and their fans. With Vibratoy, you can take your cam sex sessions to new heights of intimacy and pleasure.

What’s the best way to make your sex cam babe melt? By sending a buzz directly to their Vibratoy. it’s a fun way to spice up your xxx cams shows because you’re in control of their orgasms!

What is World cams ?

Babestation features all the Top UK cam and porn stars but in addition to that there it also includes world cams these are girls from outside the UK including Romania, Columbia and the United States among others.

Preeti and Lori

What is BSX ?

BSX, which stands for Babestation X is a pay per view channel on Britains Freeview platform. This service offers an even more explicit viewing experience for subscribers, with live shows that go further than those broadcast on the free to air channels. Its also available to Babestation VIP members.

What is Babestation VIP?

The VIP service is a subscription service that gives access to the babestation library of 20 years of hardcore UK xxx content. Porn vidoes , live babeshow footage from BSX , British babes from Sexstation and other hard core channels.

Depending upon which package you choose it also gives free Babecall credits , access to spin the wheel where you can win additional credits and free VIP only shows.

Cheap Phone Sex

Premium rate services are phone numbers with prefix codes that are charged at varying rates. The charges depend on the number dialled, any connection charges used by the service, and the network access charge of your service provider. These services are often used for entertainment purposes like voting in TV shows or accessing adult content. However, they can also be used for more practical purposes such as customer support hotlines or charity donation lines. It is important to pay attention to the charges associated with premium rate services before dialling them to avoid unexpected costs.

Who are the Babeshow Babes ?

There are too many to mention them all but they include

Priya Young

Michelle Moist

Preeti Young

Megan Rox

Beth Bennett

Alice Goodwin

Amanda Rendall

Atlanta Moreno

Michelle Moist

Lynda Leigh

Finally who is Mr P?

Mr P is an anonymous producer who has the best job in the UK and is very popular with all the studio babes watch out for his XXX shows.


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