On September 19th, history will be made. The first ever UKAP Babestation Cams Performer of the Year award will be handed out to one very beautiful Babestation Cams model. Who will be the winner? You decide! UKAP stands for UK Adult Producers, their annual awards have been running since 2005. They have gained international recognition and have hosted some of the top names in the glamour industry. The aim of the awards is to recognise outstanding achievement. Some of their awards range from , and making it’s debut this year, .

Voting your favourite Babestation Cams performer is extremely simple! Your vote will be cast via a text message, the specific code & number you need to text is detailed below. It’s absolutely FREE to vote and you’ll even receive a cheeky free picture of the babe you voted for!

After long and hard deliberation, we have whittled down 10 Babestation Cams performers from the hundreds we have on our website. Without further ado, let’s meet your 10 finalists!


Labelled as having ‘the best jugs in the game’, Charlie C will definitely take some beating for this award! This mega-hot babe slays the TV channels, and goes even harder on webcam. She’s got a massive following and there’s a lot of very naughty reasons as to why.

charlie c babestation cams


Late night filth is what got Jada in the final 10! This petite goddess has had an incredible 2017 so far on Babestation Cams and the only way is up for Jada right now. Her clients love to indulge in her saucy post-midnight antics on cam. Word of warning when you chat with Jada on cam, expect the unexpected.

jada babestation cams


We don’t need to tell you why Leigh Darby is a finalist, she’s a certified glamour icon! Leigh Darby has been getting her gear off since you were probably still a teen, and she’s going stronger than ever! She’s won many awards in the past, and now she has her eye on being the Babestation Cams Performer of the Year 2017.

leigh darby babestation cams


When somebody mentions the name Lilly Roma in our office, the general consensus is “WOW!”. Why? Because she is the definition of a 10 out of 10! Just looking at her is enough for you to commit your vote to Lilly Roma! We think Lilly is in with a strong shout of winning this.

lilly roma babestation cams


The widely renowned ‘Queen of Cam’ is a strong contender for this debut award! It wouldn’t be a webcam award without Levi in the running for it. This absolute babe has been pleasing on webcam since it’s very inception. Levi is very well known for her cam parties, they tend to get a little wild

levi babestation cams


The princess of Babestation Cams wants your vote! Lacey has been labelled our resident princess due to the huge amount of guys aiming to become her prince. She has become a firm favourite for you guys! Nobody can seem to get enough of this blonde bombshell. Does the princess get her crown on September 19th?

lacey babestation cams


Two words, natural beauty. Flick may look sweet and innocent, but trust us, she is as filthy as they get! She’s known for not disappointing on Babestation Cams, she is eager to please. This babe is a front runner for this award, keep an eye or two out for her!

flick babestation cams


If you want to know why Ruby Ryder should win this award, just ask her long list of slaves! This dominatrix has been making you obey her every command for years, Ruby Ryder has a loyal army of submissive’s ready to vote for her! However, Ruby is always recruiting for new slaves, show her your support by voting for her!

ruby ryder babestation cams


An awards evening isn’t complete without the one and only Vicky Narni! This busty babe is known for her on-screen teasing on Babestation Daytime TV, but at night there’s only one place for her to release her filth, and it’s on Babestation Cams! Vicky’s humongous clientele will be backing her all the way for this award!

vicky narni babestation cams


This babe has it all! The jaw dropping looks, the big booty, voluptuous breasts and curves which will make you melt. Kim J is 100% the full package! She is gunning for this award and it’s going to take a lot to stop her. Every vote counts so show your love for Kim by giving your vote to her!

kim j babestation cams kimberley

Now you’ve found out all about our 10 finalists, it’s time to cast your vote! YOU DECIDE!


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