In 2023, porno site Pornhub commemorates the tenth anniversary of their Year in Review Insights, a comprehensive analysis of all things related to pornography. In this report, their diligent statisticians uncover the viewership statistics for the previous year, along with the most popular trends that emerged during that time.

There is an overwhelming amount of information to share here with you, ranging from technology to demographics and a thorough examination of twenty countries.

After all, the Insights team at Pornhub analyzes data “from billions of visits to determine the trends that shaped the year,” with searches that are frequently influenced by pop culture and global events.

2023’s Top searches and trends

The top search terms of the year are often influenced by popular culture and global events, and many of these terms define the year 2023 not only on Pornhub but also in mainstream media.

At the forefront of this year’s most searched term was “hentai,” a term that has gained increasing popularity over the years and has remained the top searched term for three consecutive years.

This consistent growth can be attributed to various factors, which Pornhub’s statisticians have identified as potentially linked to the popularity of video games such as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Overwatch, Fortnite, and the global appeal of anime.

Here’s the breakdown:


Most searched terms of 2023 Pornhub

pornhub most searched for terms

In terms of popular topics, mature adult content took center stage in 2023. According to Pornhub, the MILF category climbed one spot to secure its position as the fifth most viewed category globally, while the Mature category also ascended one spot to become the seventh most viewed worldwide. Both categories experienced a significant surge in popularity, with a remarkable growth rate of 69%.

Meanwhile, size became a prominent topic among individuals in 2023. The usage of terms such as “big,” “bigger,” and “biggest” collectively increased by an impressive 177% on a global scale.

Pornhub top trends

The top trends of the year included “android” and “robot”, indicating that technology has not only become a part of people’s daily routines through platforms like ChatGPT, but also their interests in adult content.

Global searches for keywords related to “uniform” increased by +243%. Moreover, searches for “therapy” witnessed a significant growth worldwide, with a rise of +344% since 2022. This term emerged as a top trending search in several western countries such as Canada (+566%) and Australia (+541%).


Elle Brooke, a popular British influencer, has achieved the title of being Pornhub’s most searched star in 2023. Despite tough competition from the long-standing global leader Abella Danger, Brooke, who hails from Surrey and is 25 years old, managed to secure the highly coveted top spot in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, she surpassed Sky Bri, aged 24, who took second place in Pornhub’s ‘Year In Review’ rankings. It is worth noting that Brooke is not only recognized as a boxer but also as a prominent figure on OnlyFans. Read More About Pornstars.

Movies & video games

top movies searched on pornhub

The influence of movies and their characters on people’s porn preferences is significant. According to Pornhub, viewers are particularly drawn to the fantasy element rather than just nudity. It should come as no surprise that Star Wars, Harley Quinn, Game of Thrones, Avatar, and Harry Potter were the most searched for this year.

video games searched

When it comes to video games, just like in 2022, Fortnite remained the most sought-after game. Overwatch secured the second spot this year, and Minecraft emerged as the third most searched game, proving that it is not as niche as one might think.

The release of Tears of the Kingdom led to a significant surge in popularity for The Legend of Zelda this year. Other games that experienced notable increases in search volume include Super Mario, God of War, and The Witcher. And let’s be honest, Henry Cavill’s attractiveness may have something to do with it. Feel free to deny it if you dare.

video game characters searched

Pornhub’s statisticians also analyzed the popularity of video game characters. The findings revealed that Fortnite and Overwatch ranked high on the list, with Chun Li from Fortnite emerging as the most searched for video game character this year by a significant margin. Mario deserves recognition for his success as well, although it is worth noting that the plumber fetish is a common theme in adult content.

Video games Pornhub

Events that changed pornhub and internet traffic

Global traffic on porn sites experiences significant fluctuations due to live events, as individuals modify their pornography consumption habits to align with these occasions. Throughout the current year, various events such as Super Bowl 57, the crowning of King Charles III, Eurovision, UEFA Champions League, Apple Event, and Sanremo Festival have had an impact on worldwide internet activity. Interpret these occurrences as you see fit.

Top countries by traffic

top countries searching on pornhub

Pornhub conveniently provided a breakdown of the leading countries in terms of website traffic, with the United States unsurprisingly taking first place. The Philippines, France, Mexico, and the United Kingdom followed closely behind, securing spots in the global Top 5.

Countries by traffic Pornhub

France is maintaining its reputation as the leading European country in terms of traffic. In other parts of the EU, Germany ranked seventh, Italy ranked eighth, and Spain ranked eleventh. If you are interested in obtaining a comprehensive breakdown of countries, demographics, age groups, and various other categories, please refer to our detailed report.s – head over to Pornhub’s 2023 Year in Review.

golden age second most popular category north dakota last year abella danger app granny


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