Welcome to the comprehensive handbook for everything related to Babestation. We have compiled a thorough guide covering all aspects of this well-known babe channel, from A to Z. In this blog, we will delve into important elements of Babestation, including Camming, holiday specials, and the renowned hosts such as Caty Cole and Claire Daniels. Additionally, we will share valuable advice to enhance your Babestation experience. Prepare for an exciting journey into the realm of Babestation.

Babestation babe, Caty cole pulls panties down her ass
Caty Cole


For more than twenty years, Babestation has engaged audiences with its distinct style of television programming. It airs live on Sky, Freeview, and Virgin, and has recently risen to become the leading provider of live British sex cams in the UK, introducing a whole new level of interactivity. Featuring iconic TV nude cams models such as Lynda Leigh, Babestation offers a premier collection of British porn stars, British beauties, and alluring TV nude porn cams models. Its covert camera angles and glamorous content have solidified its status as a beloved UK webcam sex platform. Viewers can indulge in the most seductive TV content and affordable phone sex in the UK, along with Babestation Cams, the hub for British live cam babes and babe cams. As we embark on this series exploring Babestation from A to Z, get ready to uncover the realm of adult chat television channels like never before, including the popular Babecall offering live webcam sex and credit card phone sex from the top British babes.

C For Caty Cole

Caty Cole naked abbestation babe, squeezes her tits and looks down her panties

Caty Cole, a popular model from Babestation, gained fame for her captivating on-screen presence, luscious brown hair, and alluring gaze. She quickly became beloved by fans and her popularity soared with regular appearances on the Babestation TV live babeshows. In addition to television, she also appeared in men’s magazines and adult websites, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the industry. An ex-producer provides insight on working with Caty.

“She was really quiet actually, but everyone knew when she was in the building, you could just tell. The guys loved her, you’d give her the telephone and the bloody thing would have blokes on the line before you had chance to hand it to her.”


C For Camming

The rise in popularity of adult entertainment has led to the emergence of camming as a common method for performers to interact with viewers in real-time using webcams and the internet. Whether working independently or through specific websites, camming offers a personalized experience, creating a new level of interactivity. Many performers have chosen to focus exclusively on this, catering to one of the UK’s leading live sex cam providers, Babestation. This UK television channel has redefined the concept of live sex cams, captivating VIP members with its unique style of TV programming. Camming not only provides a platform for live cam girls but also showcases the best selection of British porn stars, including your favorite UK webcam model, revealing a hidden world through pervcam and captivating camera angles.


Beth camming on Babestation cams
Beth camming


Claire Daniels, who used to work as a model for Babestation, started her career at 18 and was known for her natural curves, blonde hair, and lively personality. She appeared on Babestation TV’s late-night show “Babestation” and also tried her hand at acting, featuring in different movies and TV shows. Even though she has moved on from the adult industry, Daniels still holds the attention of long-time Babestation fans, making a lasting impression with her distinct style and her history with the company.

“Do I remember Claire Daniels?” The Producer we interviewed laughed “On my first day, my then boss told me in no un-certain terms that if I upset her then I upset him. She sat on the throne back then I mean all the shows intros and graphics were built around her.

Claire and a few other girls were what defined the brand. Also she was great fun and pretty easy-going although this is going back almost 20 years now.”


C For Christmas

Babestation’s festive season is a time of joy and celebration. The Christmas specials and events are eagerly anticipated, featuring themed shows and exciting competitions for the viewers. The models exude holiday spirit with their festive outfits and the set decorations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Special promotions and discounts are offered, spreading cheer and goodwill among the Babestation community. The viewers are encouraged to engage in spreading holiday joy by giving tips and gifts to their favorite models.

Babestation Christmas group shot
Amber Paige, Jennifer Wilde, April Mae, Megan Rox, Layla Rose

“Ha! I remember we did a charity thing once. One of the engineers stripped down this motorized Santa Claus and managed to make it so that viewers voicemails played via him.  So blokes would leave a message and we could play it out live on air via jolly old Saint Nick.”   When we asked if it worked the Producer responded “You be the judge, Chris Cringle telling girls to spank their arse. I mean I think that’s genius but history may judge us differently haha.”

The girls from Babestation also create an annual Christmas Calendar that is in high demand.

And Finally…

Get a glimpse of our forthcoming article as we delve into the world of Babestation, covering everything from their distinctive TV shows to the iconic Babestation babes and the latest generation of attractive individuals. Whether you’re interested in the UK’s leading live sex cam provider or the top British porn stars, Babestation offers something for everyone and has solidified its status as a beloved choice for UK TV audiences.


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