I was all set for my webcam session with my favourite blonde glamour model Taylor Rose, who I have been a fan of since she first started working on Babestation. She answers my private call looking absolutely phenomenal – low cut black dress that showed off her big tits and impressive cleavage and a pair of black nylon stockings with no shoes so I could see the shape of her perfect feet. I could tell it was going to be a great webcam session. We have a bit of flirty chit chat and she starts biting her bottom lip in a very suggestive and provocative way. Oh it’s about to go down!

Taylor begins to strip off slowly and sensually. First slipping her dress straps off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, followed by Taylor Rose unhooking her bra to reveal her big buxom tits and erect nipples. I’m speaking solely in text chat at this point and Taylor suggests we get a bit more intimate by using C2C. I get into a more flattering position and switch my webcam on so that Taylor Rose can see me masturbate. She looks incredibly happy to see me stroking my cock and she begins to strip from topless to nude as she slowly removes her black lace knickers. She stands up straight and presents her curves to me like she’s showing me a piece of art, which is exactly what she is. I admire her naked figure and smooth skin before glancing down between her legs to get a good look at her pussy. I thought she might be shaven but she’s actually got a sexy runway strip of hair running down the centre of her perfect pussy mound. Taylor Rose bends over the bed and reaches round to grab her ass cheeks, gently pulling them apart so her pussy lips open slightly. She starts giving me JOI sex chat and seductively instructs me to wank my cock and stroke my balls. She continues to talk me off whilst stroking her pussy until I cum hard in what can only be described as a magically climactic moment. We discussed that our next session might involve a dildo and some anal play so I’ll definitely be booking another cam session.


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