The beginners guide to achieving Tantric sex – Tantra is an ancient method of exploring spiritual and sexual vitality. To achieve sexual pleasure through Tantra, the person needs to be able to control their breath work and it’s also advisable to meditate. However, it’s much more in-depth than that. Tantra is a historic practice that has gradually been resurfacing in the Western and raising awareness of sexual liberation and expression. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the secrets of Tantric sex, and how you can achieve the elusive Tantric orgasm.

tantric sex

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What is tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual system originating from India. It is thought to have been developed over 3,000 years ago. Tantra is known for its powerful practices centred around energy, the universe, yoga, philosophy and metaphysics. In essence tantra is a way of weaving together the masculine and feminine forces within us. Tantric sex is an aspect of tantra used to discover a union with all of life. It’s a practice that involves intense sexual pleasure and orgasmic energy flow through body and mind to create a state of ecstasy and oneness with oneself and others.

The practice involves deep breathing and orgasmic energy flow in sexual positions like the yamas-niyamas pairings and other types of sacred sex positions where partners engage in devotion, surrender and intimacy. The experience can be guided by tantric teachings such as bindu massage or deep breathing techniques such as otta breath or kapalbhati breath. There’s also tantric orgasm, which involves orgasmic energy flowing through body and mind to reach transcendental states of bliss.

While tantric sex can be practiced by anyone regardless of sexual orientation, it’s believed that those who practice it seek sexual intimacy beyond the confines of penetration. This can help them tap into their sensual selves for greater intimacy with their partners.

tantric sex

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What is tantric sexuality?

Tantric sexuality is a sexual practice that focuses on mindfulness, connection, and deliberate touches to help enhance intimacy and connection between partners. In tantric sex, the goal is to move sexual energy between partners to facilitate healing, transformation, and spiritual growth.

During tantric sex, there are various sexual positions and techniques one can use, such as the yab-yum position which represents the unity of masculine and feminine energies. One example of tantric sex is embracing your partner slowly with gentle touches while gazing into each other’s eyes. Another popular technique involves slow intercourse with massage and eye contact.

What tantric sex is not

Tantric sex, also known as tantra, is not just about sex and it doesn’t always have to involve penetration. Tantric sex is not just meditation – it includes practices such as using breath work and unlearning your sexual conditioning patterns. Tantric sex draws from ancient Eastern traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism. While tantra is often associated with sexual pleasure, tantric sex isn’t just about orgasm. It involves holistic well-being through self-awareness, body confidence, spiritual awareness, pleasure, and intimacy.

tantric sex

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Experiencing bliss through tantric sex

If you’re looking for a way to experience ecstasy through tantric sex, then it’s important to understand the concept fully. The practice involves channeling sexual energy into the body and soul and releasing powerful primal energy known as kundalini. This practice is believed to help melt inhibitions and help people feel euphoric and connected.

To experience bliss through tantric sex, you’ll need time alone with no distractions. Try practicing tantric sex on a daily basis for an hour or more if the connection between partners feels right. You don’t need any special equipment or skills to try it out; all you need is a desire for heightened pleasure and a willingness to embrace your sexual desires fully.

Pay attention to the movement of your body

  • Tantric sex involves slow and gentle movements.
  • Start with a massage to let your partner experience new sensations.
  • Gently stroke the body of your partner in circular motions, using long, continuous strokes around the body.
  • Tease your partner with long strokes around their body.
  • Focus on the movement of energy between your partners’ bodies.

Try yab yum

Yab yum is a tantric position popularly known as ‘twin’s hold’ – it’s a sexual position that is used to align energy between the partners during tantric sex. It involves the man or penetrative pathetic sitting cross-legged with the receiver sitting in their lap with their legs wrapped around their lower back. A yab-yum session can lead to heightened pleasure and enhanced intimacy between the partners.

Delay orgasm

Delaying orgasm is a popular practice and is known as edging. Edging involves orgasmic desire being built up until you reach the brink of orgasm, but stopping short before climaxing. The goal is to prolong sexual pleasure, leading to euphoric feelings and increased sexual sensitivity. Many cam girls on Babenation have experience in edging and JOI. Why not browse the girl’s individual profile pages to find a webcam model to explore your edging fantasies with.

Edging can be done with the help of specific techniques, such as continuous stimulation or stroking yourself with a hand or a vibrating sex toy. This will heighten sexual arousal and sexual energy, which can lead to deeper levels of orgasmic pleasure and heightened sexual sensitivity.

  • Men can use tantric techniques to hold off from ejaculating during sex.
  • Prolonging foreplay and not focusing too closely on orgasm is key in mastering tantric sex. This not only builds sexual pleasure and arousal, but also increases intimacy and connection between partners.

To sum up…

The tantric philosophy is all about the connection of body, mind, and soul. It celebrates sexual energy for spiritual practice and uses it for deeper connection and intimacy between partners. It requires time and effort to get results. A willingness to experiment and be patient are key.

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