Find out which babes were trending, who was appearing when and where in the Studio 66 schedule for the years that were, 2010, 2011, 2012.  Mixed with some interesting historical facts to enjoy too…

20th September In History

1258: Salisbury Cathedral is consecrated.

1842: Sir James Dewar, Scottish physician and chemist, and inventor of the vacuum flask, was born at Kincardine-on-Forth.

1854: The Battle of Alma, fought by the British against the Russians in the Crimean War, produced six winners of the Victoria Cross.

1885: Jelly Roll Morton, (Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe ) pianist, composer and one of the first jazz musicians, was born in New Orleans.

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Monday 20th September 2010 Studio 66 Schedule

studio 66
Hannah Prentice

S66Cams Breakfast – Rachel Louise

Daytime – Becky Roberts & Sophia Lares
Nighttime – British porn star Delta White, Hannah Prentice & Hazel Bond

Delta White is one of the top female performers in the British porn industry, her sex scenes and dirty talk would hit every sexual fantasy you could possibly have.


20th September In History

1917: The first RSPCA animal clinic was opened in Liverpool.

1931: Britain came off the gold standard to stop foreign speculation against the pound. The devaluation brought strikes and even a near mutiny on 15 navy ships berthed in Scotland.

1944: Guy Gibson, British pilot and Victoria Cross winner for his “Dambusters” action against the Mohne and Eder dams, was killed when his aircraft crashed in Holland on its way back to base.

1946: The first Cannes film festival opened.

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Tuesday 20th September 2011 Studio 66 Babe Channel Schedule

studio 66
Paige Green

Morning – Hannah Martin
Daytime – Becky Roberts, Larissa Summers & Vicky Thomas
Nighttime – Alice Goodwin, Dionne Daniels, Paige Green, Rachel Louise & Sophia Knight


20th September In History

1961: The first non-stop swim across the Channel and back was started by Argentinian Antonio Albertondo; it took 43 hours 10 minutes.

1984: A suicide bomber drove a lorry filled with explosives at the US embassy in Beirut, killing 40 people.

BIRTHDAYS: Sophia Loren, actress, 85; Sir Jeremy Child, actor, 75; Jose Rivero, golfer, 64; Gary Cole, actor, 63; Kristen Johnston, actress, 52; Nuno Bettencourt, guitarist (Extreme), 53; Victoria Dillard, actress, 50; Julian Joachim, former footballer, 45.

Thursday 20th September 2012 Studio 66 Schedule

studio 66
Jodie Gasson

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Morning – Gemma Hiles, Hannah Martin
Daytime – Becky Roberts, Gemma Hiles, Jodie Gasson, Vicky T
Nighttime – Alexandra Louise, Dionne Daniels, Katie K, Nicki Cole, Sammi Tye, Sophia P,Becky Roberts(21:00-23:00)
Webcam – Ashley Emma(17:00-19:00)



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