It is very safe to say that 2020 (and 2021) has been quite different from anything we’ve experienced before. With COVID 19 taking over the world and with many countries going into lockdown after lockdown, many couples have found that this has taken a toll on their relationship, for the worse!

Even though 2020 was the year of lockdowns, it doesn’t seem that they are quite over yet. The current year of 2021 is already showing that lockdowns are still very much a reality and, many people think that the relationship cannot take it any longer and might break at any second.

It is understandable why many relationships have suffered due to lockdowns, after all, before these horrible restrictions, people could get out of the house and see other people and then return to their partners and see them in their best light, however, with lockdowns comes more time stuck with your partner and, even though that can be good for some time, eventually, it will start wearing down on both individuals. The more time you spend stuck at home with your partner, the more you start seeing their flaws and the more you can get annoyed at them, however, you shouldn’t let that ruin the relationship. At times, it can feel like there is no solution in sight however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Today we will talk about why you shouldn’t let the lockdowns ruin your relationship and, with so much free time on hand to be spent together with your partner, how you can spice things up in order to take full advantage of it!

Phone Sex

This might seem like a bit of an odd thing to do (seeing that both you and your partner are in the same home together at the same time) but, it is one that has proven to be quite effective. Phone sex is the act of talking while masturbating, playing out scenarios in those texts (or calls) and letting imagination fly as both individuals get off while texting each other. It is a very simple concept and one that might not seem too realistic when both individuals are in the same house however, if done right, it can be incredibly exciting.
The first thing to do is also the most obvious and that is for each individual of the relationship to go into separate rooms. Now, this might not be that simple for couples that live in a one-bedroom apartment or house, however, it is still very doable. By having your partner moving to another area of the house (whether that is the bedroom, living room, office or even the bathroom or kitchen) while you stay in another, instantly creates the necessary distance for phone sex to happen, then, it is only a matter of time until it begins.
Phone sex in the same house can be done by either texting or calling so, just contact your partner and start talking dirty to them, letting things flow naturally and, before you know it, you are exchanging pictures, masturbating and having the time of your life, all while still having some distance from each other (if both of you can resist ditching the phone once the conversation heat up).

App/Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

Another great (and very fun) way to enjoy the days where you and your partner are locked inside the house is to use some app/remote-controlled sex toys! There are plenty of them out there on the market and all of them serve the same purpose: control the sex toy at any time while it is inside your partner! This can be incredibly exciting and enticing to do.
By having your partner wear the sex toy throughout the day and, by controlling it whenever you feel like it, with how much intensity you feel like inflicting on them, you can hear them moan and squirm as they are doing chores, working or even just relaxing on the couch. It can make for some amazing foreplay sessions, as well as some very memorable and fun moments! Babestation babes all use Lovense brand sex toys which you can control from home when you log into webcam.

For Those That Don’t Live Together

Lockdowns can impact those couples that live together just as much as those that don’t, in fact, it can even be harder on those that live separately! Living apart from your partner can feel incredibly painful, after all, with such lockdowns, you are not able to see them, touch them and just be with them as before. Even though phone sex and app-controlled sex toys can do the job when it comes to the sexual aspect of the relationship, the emotional side of things can get a bit harder to control.

This is where communication plays a massive role and, that is true for both the couples that live apart as much as the ones that live together! Talking about your feelings with your partner, keeping constant communication (without being overbearing) and making sure that you let them know that you love and appreciate them just as much as when you are physically with them is very important to keep the flame alive. Trying out new things with your partner can also make these times apart more comfortable.

Masturbating in front of the webcam on a video call with your partner, among other techniques previously mentioned in this article is a good way to keep things interesting, fun and engaging but, only if both individuals are comfortable with those ideas. It is important that both individuals are comfortable with it because, otherwise it might just end up being enjoyable to one side and very awkward for the other.

The most important thing during these lockdowns is to check in on each other, regardless of whether you live with your partner or not! A relationship is much more than sexual experiences, it is understanding and communicating feelings and understanding what your partner might be going through as much as explaining what you feel during these stressful times. As long as there’s communication, there is a chance. That way, you can always say that even though lockdowns may have had an impact on the relationship, you both tried to make it work regardless.


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