People from all over the world have shared their biggest turn offs in this article from the Daily Mail.  When it comes to having sex and getting in the mood, and it’s not just bad breath, stubble rash or sweaty pits. There are actually some more subtle deal-breakers that can be an instant turn off for some people.


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Social media users turned to the American confessions app, Whisper, to discuss the trending things that truly make them feel icky in bed. Some people believe that wearing socks to bed is a huge no-no, while others find it to be a huge turn-on. Another person claimed that “starfish sex” is the absolute worst and a complete dealbreaker. If you’re wondering what ‘Starfish’ sex is, it’s not anal sex which is what I thought it was. It’s actually when someone is really lazy in bed, hence laying out on the bed like a starfish. Here are some of the other juicy confessions:

“When a guy talks too much during sex is completely ruins the mood. Absolute dealbreaker!”

“I was about to have sex with a guy when he noticed my natural pubes. He started going on about how it was gross and unattractive. I kicked him out of my house at 3am during a windstorm.”

“If you wear socks during sex, we’re not having sex. Nothing is more unattractive to me.”

“Beardless is a dealbreaker. No lie, I turned a guy down for sex because he had one when we first met and later shaved it.”

“I hate ANY clothes during sex!!”


Another anonymous commenter revealed that she had been with 2 guys who didn’t mind having sex with her whilst she was on her period. She found this incredibly arousing. What about you? What are YOUR bedroom dealbreakers? Let us know in the comments.

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