You may have noticed that we have been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently at Babestation HQ. As you would expect, this involved trawling for hours on end through old forgotten SD cards and files from way back in the day. In this recently unearthed footage, we discovered an old video of one of our hot European babes, Roxanna Milana, who later changed her name to Milana.


In the old footage uploaded to Babestation Tube, you can see stunning Milana dressed in lingerie – a lacy black basque with matching knickers, stockings and suspenders. She appears to be caught off guard in the clip, as she was in the changing room slipping on a big fluffy white dressing gown. Not many women can make a big robe look sexy but Milana looks radiant in the video. For those of you who don’t recognise the studio where she is standing, it is in fact the old Sexstation building, located in the heart of central London.

Sexstation was a live sex web show that aired from 2006 to 2014. In 2006, Sexstation debuted on the Lucky Star channel from 9pm until the wee hours. Before it became Sexstation, the channel was known as Live XXX where British porn stars such as Karina Currie, British chav porn stars, Tammy Oldham, and Kimmy Haze first featured. Many other big tit porn models’ careers were launched on Sexstation too. Naming a few – Jasmine Jae, Ava Delush, Harmony Reigns, and Karlie Simon. Several well known British pornstars also appeared on Sexstation such as Angel Long and Michelle Moist.

Michelle Moist

The video below shows Milana taking the cameraman on a tour of the studio. It feels very much like this is private footage that we aren’t supposed to be watching. Almost like a private clip from someone’s personal camera roll. Milana shows the cameraman to a corner of the studio used for bondage / BDSM sections. Milana jokes that the black latex and satin set is a bit too kinky for her liking. I can definitely see someone like Karina Currie utilising this set. Karina was well known on the live Babeshows as a superb dominatrix and expert in all things kinky. She loved having her feet worshipped by obedient subs. Check out Milana’s behind the scenes footage below:

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Moving through the studio, Milana nervously approaches a sex swing hanging from the ceiling, before sheepishly telling the cameraman that she doesn’t “even want to know how that works”. You aren’t fooling anyone, Milana. Her face lights up when she sees a bunch of chains and shackles hanging on the wall. Perhaps Miss Milana is more kinky than she lets on. Next Milana pays her attention to the gym set, complete with gym balls, weights and an electric fucking machine. Sounds like my kinda gym!


Milana smiles when she comes face to face with a pole. She cheekily tells the cameraman that she loves to dance on the pole to which he asks “fancy giving a demonstration?”. Milana playfully declines his offer. Milana walks through to the photographic room where a photographer is waiting to snap Milana in a racy shoot. The robe comes off. She begins to pose for gallery pictures whilst the resident Sexstation photographer takes seductive pictures of Milana. She slowly strips off – going from topless to semi nude. Her big tits and small perfect ass are on full display. After her lingerie photoshoot, Milana dresses up in a mini skirt and red vest top followed by a slow sensual striptease as the photographer takes more photos of Milana in different positions. This footage shows what really goes on behind the scenes of a topless glamour shoot. Throughout the clip, Milana can be seen changing outfits several times for different themed photo sets. My personal favourite is the ripped jeans / crop top combo that perfectly displays Milana’s petite curves and sexy ass.

If you’re wondering where these photos can be accessed, all of Milana’s topless and nude pictures and videos can be found in the VIP members area and BSX galleries.



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