Behind the scenes of Babestation, there is a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere among the crew and nude cams models. Away from the cameras, they build relationships with one another and fully embrace the energetic studio environment. Whether it’s playful banter or sharing inside jokes, there is always something exciting happening at Babestation that never fails to engage and entertain everyone involved.

However, as work is the priority, tensions can occasionally arise. That’s why when we came across a Reddit thread titled “AITA for requesting my roommates to take down their dildos from the bathroom mirror in an unkind manner?”, it caught our attention.

Mr P AITA dildo stuck to mirror

We couldn’t help but laugh when our post went viral, as it’s something that has happened occasionally in the green room.

Yesterday evening, one of my roommates (a 23-year-old male and a 28-year-old female) decided to clean their adult toys in the bathroom sink and then placed them on the mirror to dry. Shortly after, I needed to use the bathroom, so I knocked on their door. They asked who it was, and I replied by telling them to remove their adult toys from the bathroom mirror before walking away. Later that night, when I went to bed, both toys were still attached to the mirror. The next morning, upon entering the bathroom again, I reiterated my request for them to remove their adult toys. They responded by suggesting that I ask politely instead of demanding, but I firmly stated that I shouldn’t have to ask at all.

Babestation behind the scenes. Natasha Class in pink bikini
Natasha Class

We had a disagreement regarding this matter. I have concerns that I may have been in the wrong because I didn’t ask in a polite manner, although I wasn’t being rude or unkind either.

As mentioned earlier, I believe I shouldn’t have to ask my roommates at all to refrain from leaving their dildos in the common area, and their insistence on me asking politely seems like an attempt to divert attention from my request for dildos not to be left there.

We found some of the comments on the thread to be hilarious. The suggestion was that OP should have simply taken the items and placed them in their own room. Later, when the roommates asked about it, OP could have said they used it. Since the item was in a shared space, OP assumed it was meant for everyone.

I believe the roommates are teasing OP for being conservative. It is not appropriate to dry a dildo in that manner, as they should be cleaned before and after use. Attaching them to the mirror for “drying” purposes is ridiculously foolish, and the fact that she believes it shows how amusing their prank was.

natalia forrest lingerie
Natalia Forrest

Dildo’s Sex Toys Vibrators-Behind the Scenes

In my opinion, requesting someone to remove their dildos from the bathroom is simply inviting rude behavior. I appreciate your affirmation when you expressed this sentiment. It was common for my parents to leave their dildos/toys out on the couch regularly. I had no choice but to pretend not to notice and walk away. This situation is both unpleasant and humiliating.

During my childhood, I developed a strong aversion and fear of teddy bears due to my mother’s collection of “naughty bears.” These teddy bears were adorned with strap-ons, ball-gags, and other provocative accessories, which were scattered throughout our home. My mother found them amusing, but they left me feeling perplexed, embarrassed, and uneasy.

Although I lacked the vocabulary and understanding to articulate my emotions at the time, I instinctively knew that these objects were distressing and inappropriate.

If they find this amusing, try adding a small amount of hot chili sauce. Apply some jalapeno seeds on the edge without it being noticeable. If you’re not willing to do so, simply state that you will and the only way to confirm if you were joking is by testing it. NTA, educate them a lesson.

Maybe apply some icy hot on them? Or embarrass them by asking where they prefer to have it when guests are present. Conceal them in an obvious location that they are too foolish to consider.

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Molly Anne

Babestation Backstage


Will print this and put it on the green room wall , read the other Reddit comments here:

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