Halloween is a spooky and epic time of year for the Babestation team. It’s a time when the nights grow darker, and the world takes on a slightly more twisted vibe. It’s a time when all our smoking hot babes have the opportunity to don both eerie and sexy lingerie costumes. During Halloween, every Pervcam show takes on an extra layer of kinky surrealism, giving the babe and the webcam user a chance to explore a completely different persona, ultimately resulting in an incredible XXX experience.

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly  unforgettable transformations, Where all the babestation tv girls dress up in sexy cosplay outfits. From Ashley Emma as Harley Quinn to Jada‘s incredible range, portraying characters like Chun Li and Jessica Rabbit. Halloween weekend has been a fun tradition on Babestation TV for many years, and it’s a treat (and trick) both for our Babeshow Girls and our dedicated fans. We have a hunch that some of the babes will  absolutely nail it as Wednesday Adams this year.

Halloween cosplay Amber Phoenix Wednesday Adams
Amber Phoenix as Wednesday Adams

Leading up to the weekend’s spooky festivities, we’ve laid out a killer lineup of hot superheroes, anime characters and webcam sensations, all ready to deliver explicit naked displays via nude cams accompanied by cheap phone sex. L

Babestation Cosplay Blogs

We know how to throw a party. Check out some of the previous looks: The cosplay babes of 2021In 2015 Preeti dressed up as Supergirl and invited viewers to buzz her vibratoy.

Halloween Preeti supergirl cosplay
Preeti as Supergirl

Halloween cosplay babes of 2020 were all about gamers, comic fans, larpers and anime lovers Do you remember when the smoking hot Dannii Harwood slipped into a sexy Superwoman costume during her stint on Babenation? What a bombshell!

The first ever Babestation halloween weekend in 2014 featured Ruby Summers on BSX stripping nude and performing a live sex show. Her dripping wet pussy and big tits set the precedent for future cosplay shows.

Babestation Visits Comicon

Remember when the Babestation girls visited the comicon show in London? Jam packed full of London’s hottest cosplayers, Babestation sent three of their girls to see what the craic was down at the ExCel Center.

halloween and comic con babes in cosplay
Beth as Agent Carter, Yasmin Nicole as Velma and Kourt Thora and Negan

If you love cosplay and international models, check out the sexy babes on world cams, where their live sex cams will leave you on cloud nine!


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