Cam model Sonya Parker was left shaking like a leaf after a spooky incident occurred whilst she was on a live sex cam session with a caller. Imagine that?! Getting your bangers out and twerking your ass when all of a sudden Casper pops up behind you to try and sneak a look. The caller told Sonya that he could see a shadowy figure behind her. She thought he was joking at first.

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According to daily star article Sonya was just about to strip topless in the middle of a webcam call with a regular client when the guy informed her of a ghostly figure behind her. The cam model, who has been camming on multiple platforms for several years, said it happened around 11pm during a live VR cam session. She had been camming all day where she had changed outfits several different times throughout the day as per the callers request. She loves dressing up in sexy lingerie and roleplay costumes for her callers but she especially enjoys stripping topless and nude whilst performing a racy striptease.

cam girl

According to Sonya, she didn’t initially notice anything in the room, no movements or noises, until the temperature suddenly dropped. She revealed:

“The room got noticeably colder. My nipples got harder and I had to grab a sweatshirt to cover up my boobs after the conclusion of the cam show.”

Since the cam show she has experienced regular drops in temperature over the past week. Surely things should be getting hotter with the kind of raunchy shows she’s putting on, not colder! I’d be expecting a heatwave in that room, not a blizzard. Sonya has even gone as far as to change the room she usually cams from in the hopes of fixing the issue. Let’s hope that fixes it. If not she should probably ask the ghost to start paying her for her time.

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