Best positions for anal sex – There are plenty of great positions for anal sex. The most important thing is to ensure that your partner is comfortable. If he or she isn’t, anal sex could be painful or even near impossible. Exploring different anal sex positions can lead to intense and prolonged orgasms for both men and women, as it can stimulate the prostate in men and both the G-spot and A-spot in women. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are also great positions to try as they allow for clitoral stimulation and visual appeal. What position you use or whether you’re a beginner can have an impact on how pleasurable and satisfying the experience is. If you are only just embarking on your anal sex journey, fear not because we’ve compiled a list of the best positions for anal sex.

Firstly, lets prepare…



Douching involves rinsing out the rectum with water to remove any…err…dirt. This can help prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of infection. There are several different methods of douching, including using a bulb syringe or an enema kit. It’s important to use clean, warm water and to be gentle during the process. However, it’s important to note that douching is not necessary for everyone and some people may prefer not to do it. It’s important to communicate with your partner and make sure you are both comfortable and prepared before engaging in anal sex. Remember to use plenty of water-based lubricant and start with slow, gentle movements to help minimise discomfort.

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Before trying out different positions for anal sex, it’s important to properly prepare for the experience. One way to do this is through dilating, which involves gradually stretching out the muscles in the anal area to help reduce discomfort or pain during penetration. There are various tools and products available, such as anal trainers and lubricants, to help with this process. By dilating and properly preparing, you can effectively and safely experiment with different positions for anal sex that work best for you and your partner. Just remember to take things slow and communicate openly throughout the experience for optimal pleasure and satisfaction.

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Best Anal Sex Positions

Doggy Style

Aruba Jasmine doggy style on BSX

As one of the most popular anal sex positions, Doggy Style allows for deep penetration, which can make the sexual act more satisfying. The receiver gets on all fours while the giver kneels behind them in this position. To avoid any injury, slow and steady thrusting is recommended. For more intensity, the giver can either grab the waist, hips, shoulders, or even pull the receivers hair as they thrust harder.



The Speed Bump is a popular anal sex position that adds an extra layer of excitement and sensation. In this position, the receiving partner lies on their stomach on an exercise ball while their partner thrusts from behind. Adding ball or clitoral play during anal sex can enhance the experience and add an extra layer of stimulation.

See Saw

The See Saw position is one of the many options you can try out. It offers comfort and eye contact during the act. The partner on top sits on the giver with arms behind them for support, while the receiver needs to do most of the work for thrusting in this position. Stamina is particularly crucial for the receiver in the See Saw position, as it might be challenging for them. Remember, always use plenty of lube.

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Pearly Gates

Pearly Gates is a popular position for couples who want to change things up in the bedroom. It is also a great position for anal and vaginal sex as it creates angles that can stimulate the G-spot. The receiver sits on the giver while leaning backward for anal entry and intimacy. It is essential to have experienced partners since the Pearly Gates requires proper weight and positioning. The giver lies on their back with their legs slightly spread and feet planted firmly on the surface. The receiver can spread their arms out, and the giver can wrap theirs around for support.


Leap Frog is a simple yet effective anal sex position that is similar to the Doggy Style. This position allows for deep penetration, making it a great variation for hitting the right spot. Squatted positions like Leapfrog are perfect for bringing the G-spot or P-spot into focus. If your partner loves to eat your ass, you can add that to the mix to make the Leap Frog position even more pleasurable.

Cross position


The Cross anal position requires the receiver to lie on their stomach, and the giver to lie on top, forming a cross shape. This position can be challenging but can provide intense deep penetration. It may not be the most intimate position due to limited touching. First-timers to anal sex may want to try gentler positions such as Spooning or Posterior Plank.

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In this position, the giver kneels on top of the receiver, taking more control. The receiver can have a more passive role in this session, and it’s important that the giver is aware of their partner’s pace preferences. For those who enjoy the man to be in control during anal sex, the Jockey position is perfect.



The Captain position is where the receiver holds their legs up in a V-shape, providing better angles and minimising slipping out. Talk to your partner, explore what you both like and don’t like, and try new positions that give you the ultimate pleasure.

Anilingus AKA Rimming


It’s not all about ass fucking. Sometimes a session of slow, sensual rimming is just what we need. As much as rimming is a highly erotic and pleasurable act, it’s also essential to understand the anatomy of the anus to ensure safe and pleasurable rimming. The anus lacks natural lubrication, which can lead to discomfort, so it’s essential to use a lube to reduce friction and make rimming more enjoyable. Experiment with different tongue techniques, such as flicking, licking, and circling, to find out what your partner loves most. Before performing rimming, take your time to explore the area around the anus. Focus on massaging and stimulating the perineum area first, then gradually move towards the anus.

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