Every so often here at Babestation Cams, we welcome a brand new webcam girl to the family! To that end, we introduce the stunning AEMELIA FOX! You may have already seen her gracing your television screens on Babestation TV, but now she’s ready to go private and no holds barred on webcam! By the end of reading this blog, you’ll know everything you need to know about Aemelia, from her glamour modelling journey to the outfits she will be wearing for you on cam. Let’s get to know our new cam girl!

Name: Aemelia Fox, my friends call me Milly for short.
Age: 23
Height: 5’8″
Eye Colour: Blue
Breasts: 32D – natural!

Tell us about your journey into the glamour world.
I only joined Babestation around 2-3 months ago so I’m still settling into this crazy yet amazing side of the glamour world. I started modelling when I was 16, doing a lot of amateur style shoots. A couple years later when I was 18, I decided to finally take the bra off and start glamour modelling. I’ve done loads of shoots for lads mags like Zoo, Nuts and Front Magazine. I also appeared on MTV in a music video by the rock band Creeper, which was really cool. Then at the beginning of 2017, I got contacted by Babestation to come on to the show! I love being on Babestation, talking dirty with countless guys is what it’s all about for me.

How would you describe your physical appearance?
Most guys describe me as Snow White with tattoos! I’d describe myself as a natural curvy retro pin-up girl. I’m really drawn to the whole pin-up look, it’s inspired me a lot. I’ve got black hair, blue eyes and a lot of tattoos!

…and your personality?
I’m an impulsive girl, whatever I feel at the time I go with it. I hate having a plan, it’s all about going with the flow and having a good time! I am very outgoing, always out and about exploring things and meeting new people. I’m a little crazy, but good crazy! My friends label me as the life of the party.

What are your main hobbies and interests?
I love driving fast cars! Something about getting behind the wheel of a powerful car and hearing the engine rev gives me an adrenaline rush. Ever since passing my driving test I’ve admired luxury cars. Animals are also one of my biggest loves, I have 2 cats which I adore. I also enjoy going to lots of different festivals, I think I’m going to Glastonbury this month!

What was the life of Aemelia Fox like before the modelling kicked off?
When I was young I was a bit of a rebel and reckless, I’d rather party than work. Then I ended up getting a job in a London night club, quite ironic! I also did some dancing at various events across the U.K. I fell into modelling so early on it was kind of like my first proper career path.

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What are your life goals?
I like the idea of being on Babestation for a long time and becoming a really known figure. I worked really hard to get onto Babestation, it was one of the goals I set myself when I was modelling. So now it feels like that’s one goal achieved, and the next goal is to stay at Babestation and build my glamour profile. I also want to start my own clothing line possibly next year! I’ve got a huge interest in sports and street wear clothes, I’m currently designing my own versions and experimenting with different trends. So launching my own clothing brand is on my check list!

What do you think about the glamour industry?
I adore the glamour industry. I love celebrating the fact I’m a woman and can be naked. No one should be allowed to judge us, we are empowered women showing the world what we’re all about. When it comes to stripping off for a photo shoot, television or on cam, I thrive on it!

…and the webcam industry?
When I first entered modelling I was completely unaware of how webcam sites worked. I was quite shocked by it all and thought it was a big taboo. Then one day I gave it a go and loved it! I think it’s amazing that you can chat to a guy over webcam miles away from you and get to know him like you’re in the same room.

What made you enter the glamour world?
When I was young I watched a Marilyn Manson music video where there were a bunch of models dancing around with a bunny head on and I thought that was really cool and interesting. Ever since then I was like that’s what I want to do. Dancing around in nothing but your lingerie is amazing! I also drew a lot of inspiration from burlesque dancers, whenever I see a burlesque show it turns me on.

What levels are you willing to work to on Babestation Cams?
You’ll have to chat with me to find out! Let’s just say it will get very naughty, very quickly!

What are you looking most forward to when you go on Babestation Cams?
I love to unleash peoples fantasies! Hearing somebodies deepest desires and talking through what exactly they want to do with me or me to do to them is so arousing. I can’t wait to get on cam and hear all of your erotic imaginations! Another thing I’m looking forward to is dressing up in all of my kinky outfits!

What outfits do you have?
Where do I start! I’ve got a whole wardrobe of high heels, the higher the better for me. I’m always buying new lingerie and stockings, so expect to see me in something different every time. Most of the time the outfits end up on the floor!

Have you ever had a funny nickname?
Well, my normal nickname is Milly, but one time when I was chatting to my friend via text message, the autocorrect changed Milly to ‘Milky’. So I was called Milky for a few years!

If money was no object, what would you do all day?
I would fly all of my friends over the Thailand and party all day and night! Sipping cocktails on the beach, getting massages and soaking in the sun with my close friends is the dream. I would probably even go on cam for a few hours to show the guys where I am!

Tell us about the craziest adventure you’ve had?
A few years ago I went travelling for 9 months across Australia and Asia. I visited so many exciting places and met some really crazy and interesting people. From feeding sharks to getting tattoos, it was one of the best experiences I’ve been through. Like I said earlier, I’m such an outgoing impulsive person so I’m always on an adventure!

What are your pet peeves?
Bad drivers! I may come across as Snow White but if you cut me up on the road I can easily turn into the Wicked Queen!

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Russell Brand is my number one crush, the whole rugged look is exactly my sort of thing. I would say Dita Von Teese is my female crush, she’s a burlesque dancer, I’d love for her to perform in front of me.

Tell us about your tattoos?
I have lots of tattoos, ones with special meanings behind them and also a few silly ones. The guys tell me my tats really get them hard. Have a look at my tats below…

aemelia fox babestation cams

There you have it, you’ve found out all about our hottest new cam girl Aemelia Fox! If the pictures haven’t got you licking your lips yet then a private cam show with Aemelia definitely will!

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