Last week you found out all about Jasmin Marie, but it’s a fresh new week, which means it’s time for your next Cam Girl of the Week! Each week we give you an access all areas style interview with one of the busiest Babestation Cams girls; you’ll find out cheeky facts, see brand new naughty photos and get to know our cam girl on a deeper level. This week we are focusing on a true fan favourite – the one and only Rosie Lee!

Rosie Lee exploded into the glamour industry with some huge photo shoots in men’s mags like Zoo, Nuts, Maxim and the Daily Sport. Due to the hype she was creating, she got the attention of Babestation! After tracking her down and being dazzled by her natural beauty, Rosie Lee joined the Babestation team and a glamour star was born. That was nearly 8 years ago now and what a journey it has been. After 3 years of dominating your babe channels, Rosie decided to take a break and set up her own hairdressing business. She now has her own salon and a large client list to boot. During this break away from Babestation we had a vast amount of you requesting for her to come back – eventually Rosie made the decision to make a big return! Rosie Lee rejoined the show just last year and it was like she never left! She told us she missed chatting to all of her fans and having guys gawking at her.

Rosie told us her usual day consists of waking up with her 4 dogs, working out at the gym, tending to her hair clients, having a coffee with friends… and obviously fulfilling your dirty fantasies on Babestation Cams! In Rosie’s younger years she had a taste of showbiz stardom. Rosie used to act and sing in the theatre for over 10 years, she even featured in Les Miserables! She was also part of a girl band which performed across the U.K. Rosie isn’t your usual cam girl! The producers and fellow babes regard Rosie as one of the most down to earth people they know, a real genuine girl!

Before we get into the interview, check out these awesome pictures of Rosie Lee!

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Interview with Rosie Lee – Our Cam Girl of the Week

What do you enjoy most about being a Cam Girl?
The attention, I thrive off it! When the guys are complimenting my body and telling me what they’re doing whilst watching me, I just love it. I like being one on one with a guy and finding out all about him. I also enjoy getting dressed up in all of my sexy outfits, especially my latex ones.

Which three words describe you best?
Curvy, Cute and Compassionate!

What outfits do you usually wear on Cam?
I have so many outfits in my wardrobe! My usual go-to outfit is stockings and suspenders, most guys want to see me in that. I also wear college girl outfits, a lot of latex and bikinis. You’ll probably see me wear a lot of red coloured clothing, as that’s my favourite colour. I recently did a Star Wars themed show where I dressed up as Princess Leia, I’ve still got that outfit if anybody wants to see me in it

Who is your celebrity crush?
It has to be Charlie Hunnam! He’s in the new King Arthur film, I can’t wait to go see it! I’d love to be his Queen.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a pop star! I still do now! When I was younger I did lots of singing, I’ve always wanted to be on screen showing off my talents

Tell us a naughty fact about you?
I was on a drunken night out with one of my best friends, we eventually got back to mine and she put Babestation on the TV. After watching it for about 10 minutes we got quite turned on by it and ended up getting off with each other… whilst Babestation was on in the background! Such a funny and naughty night.

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
Threesome! 2 girls 1 guy. I’ve never had a threesome before and it’s always interested me. I’d love to dominate a guy with another girl, the thought of it now is turning me on a little. Hopefully it will get ticked off my bucket list sooner rather than later

What do you look for in a man?
I look for 3 things in particular. Nice eyes, muscular arms and a funny personality. The guys I chat to on cam make me laugh all the time with their jokes. Sometimes they put their cam on and show me their arms too, that really gets me going.

What’s your favourite sexual position?
Oh it has to be doggy without a doubt. Rough doggy too, no holding back at all.

What do guys on Cam usually ask of you?
90% of the time they want me to get my boobs out. It’s probably my best feature so I’m not surprised. As soon as I put on new lingerie they ask me to take it off! Guys also ask me to bend over, I wonder what they’re imagining

Is it the size of the hammer? Or the guy swinging it?
Definitely the guy swinging it. Technique is so important.

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
I usually start off with a glass of wine followed by a few shots of vodka. This gets me in a real naughty mood, the type of mood I love. I then dance to sexy slow R&B music whilst putting my outfit on. Then it’s time to log onto cam and get really filthy.

What is the worst chat up line you’ve heard?
I heard your grades are bad… I’m sure this D won’t hurt. That one cracked me up!

Do you sleep naked?
Of course, is there any other way to sleep?

Do you like watching porn?
I watch porn on most days, usually before I go on screen. Going back to my bucket list, I watch a lot of threesomes. Seeing the different types of positions you can do with 3 people intrigues me.

Screamer or a Moaner?
Long and hard moans. When I’m having orgasms the moans do get really loud.

What really turns you on?
A hot and passionate kiss really gets me going. Locking lips with a good kisser is such a turn on. Add a little biting and tongues… now you’re talking!

What is your erotic fantasy?
So I’d be in the Babestation studios on my break, I would then sneak off with another babe to the toilet or changing rooms and get naughty with her. When I’m back from my break, hopefully nobody would suspect a thing. Then do it all again on my next break Something about being risky at work is something I fantasise about a lot.

Do you like it rough or gentle?
Rough 100%. I like a good spanking and being thrown around the bedroom.