Babestation Comic Con 2019

about 2 months ago

Watch out! Two hot models run around Comic Con exposing themselves and acting as public menaces! Flashing their big tits and harassing some very lucky blokes, Comic Con hasn't been the same since! Now that it's about the time to purchase your tickets to the single most famous and popular collectables and pop culture events in the world, lets flash back to one of the times that Babestation attended the event. All the way back in 2019, back when Suicide Squad was released (not to be confused with The Suicide Squad), 'Thank U, Next' was unfortunately in the charts, and an egg became the most liked picture ever on Instagram, Babestation sent two babes to Comic Con roleplaying as the iconic, Harley Quinn. Taylor Rose and Hayley Maye rocked the look of the Harlequin of Crime, adding a flare that can't be found in Margot Robbie's portrayal. That flare being huge tits, The blonde and Brunette really took the event by storm, inflicting their hyperactive banter on everyone there. Those curvy babes showed their big ass off to everyone there, and will never be forgotten by any fans they met on the day.

Featured Babes: Taylor Rose,Hayley Maye

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