In The Booth - Episode 5 - Dates

4 months ago

This episode of In The Booth is a must watch for anyone with aspirations of dating a model! The do's and don'ts of dating has managed to evade many of us, even into adulthood. You get past the initial challenge, getting the number and chatting. Great job! But now you have to meet. Babes have never been forthright with what they want, they obviously know what they want, but they want you to know what they want without telling you what they want. Did that make sense? Doesn't matter because we're here to fix all your problems! So whether you're dating a mature babe, or a young babe, tall, short, BBW or muscular; watch this video to find out everything you need to know! Your guides this episode are; Stella Paris, Anna Lei, Amber Paige, Amber Phoenix, Poppy May, Mikaela Witt and Layla Rose. We have a full range of hot babes so you know this advice is pretty universal. And if you're interested in what these babe think about penis size, for after your successful date, watch Episode One of In The Booth!

Featured Babes: Mikaela Witt,Layla Rose,Poppy May,Amber Paige,Amber Phoenix,Anna Lei,Stella Paris

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