In The Booth - Episode 6 - Professions

4 months ago

In this episode of In The Booth, we heard what the girls have to say about your profession! Which profession is best in bed? Needless to say none of them said 'that twat that writes video blurbs', but it's fine. The general consensus was any profession that requires working with your hands; builders, bricklayers and diggers all came up in conversation, with physical labour taking up the lions share of the discussion. So, are plumbers and mechanics known for their fingering skills? Or do they tease the babe with three pumps before keeling over leaving the poor las to have to squirt using her toy as opposed to a cock? Doctors also came up quite often, but if a gynaecologist can't pleasure a pussy in bed then there must be something wrong. Watch the full video to find out what Amber Paige, Megan Rox, Lacey Mae, Annie Mae, Poppy May, Alyssa Jay and Maddison Lee have to say on the topic! And check out what our babes thoughts were on dating, in our last episode of In The Booth!

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Poppy May,Maddison Lee,Lacey Mae,Amber Paige,Megan Rox,Alyssa Jay

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