FIFA 18 Gameplay with Aemelia Fox and Mia Middleton

20 days ago

Throwback to a simpler time. 2018! Be prepared to watch one of the most frustrating videos you're ever going to see as Mia Middleton and Aemelia Fox play FIFA 18. Run, Pass, Shoot. That's all they need to do. But instead we experience some of the greatest gameplay we'll ever see. The beautiful, tattooed babe, Amelia Fox takes a early lead with a calamitous own goal. But Mia manages to pull one back to drag the game to 1-1 and into penalties, with an own goal from De Gea. They're lucky they're sexy as fuck, Mia Middleton with big tits and big ass white girl, Aemelia with perky, small tits, because their careers as esports contestants would be dead on arrival. Taken to pens, there's a tense shootout. Check it out to find out who's the hero and who let the team down.

Featured Babes: Mia Middleton,Aemelia Fox

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