In The Booth - Episode 1 - Bad Traits For Men

about 1 month ago

Listen up boys! If you want to have a chance with these babes then this is a must watch video! No fucking around, no excuses, the girls tell YOU exactly what they don't want to see in a man. We have a wonderful array of hot babes piping up about what are bad traits for men in this episode of In The Booth. Annie Mae, Mikaela Witt, Layla Rose, Poppy May, Jamie Knight, Amber Paige, April Jones, Anna Lei, and Stella Paris all give their opinions on what they want from their men. And the consensus is; No arrogance! You may think you're confident, but you're just being a tool. So if you want a big booty babe like Annie Mae, want to fuck an European babe like Stella Paris, or looking forward to fingering a tattooed babe like Anna Lei, then try to tone down the cockiness. A few stragglers include cleanliness, or lack thereof, being rude and being 'lame'. If you can avoid these things, then you have a chance with these babes! And can we just address the insane irony, for anyone who checks the schedule, of Annie Mae complaining about punctuality. Madness.

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Mikaela Witt,Layla Rose,Poppy May,Jamie Knight,Amber Paige,April Jones,Anna Lei,Stella Paris

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