In The Booth - Episode 7 - This Or That

24 days ago

In this episode of In The Booth, we ask our beautiful models a series of question where they have to pick between two options, This or That. Get a keen insight into the love life of Poppy May and Megan Rox as they delving to whether they prefer dildos or vibrators, lights on or off, and whether the enjoy being dominant or submissive. This is a great way to get to know what these hot babechannel models like before talking dirty to them in private. Or if you're looking for a girlfriend experience, then you need to know you're compatible, so find out whether the curvy Annie Mae is a Summer or Winter girl, whether the beautiful brunette Amber Paige prefers house parties or clubbing, and whether the tattooed milf, Maddison Lee, is a horror buff or a comedy fiend! Alyssa Jay and Lacey Mae also get involved in the fun!

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Poppy May,Maddison Lee,Lacey Mae,Amber Paige,Megan Rox,Alyssa Jay

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