Author Jerry Barnett is looking into the reasons as to why there has been such a massive decline in sex in the western world in recent years. Jerry is focusing more on young people and has been shocked by the steep decline in sexual activity among young couples and singles. I’m just going to blame COVID. That shit has zapped everyone’s sex drive.

Jerry enlisted the help of experts to uncover and pinpoint the exact reasons why people aren’t shagging as much as they used to. One expert suggested that things such as porn, gaming and OnlyFans could prevent some men from wanting to indulge in sex with their partner. Another expert suggested that women are a lot more selective than they used to be and that more women are happy to stay single or are actively choosing to settle down a lot later in life later or not at all.

Melia Leigh

Also I guess with the age of Tinder and fast casual hookups, it does kind of take the magic and excitement out of dating and sex in general. Jerry discusses the issue with people on his podcast and he discovered that more young men are choosing to be celibate. So why is this happening? Dr David Lay is a clinical psychologist and author from New Mexico, who specialises is sexual behaviours. He says:

“Historically people committed to monogamous relationships in order to have sex. As societies attitudes have changed those dynamics have changed. Stress, anxiety, depression and work demands also play a huge part. One of the things that people are suggesting is that the greater range of entertainment and diverse activities that are available to us at a moments notice does potentially decrease the interest in sexual activity. My wife and I go to bed and if we are both looking at Facebook on our phone that’s a diversion that’s actually distracting us from connecting with each other and having sex. Those kinds of diversions are amazingly available now.”

Dr Lay added:

“There were these claims that there was going to be a pandemic related baby boom and I was one of the few naysayers who said no I don’t think so because this pandemic was an incredibly stressful time and being at home was not a conducive environment. In fact sexual frequency decreased and we actually had a baby decline.”

Missy LeAnne

Dr Lay says we have promoted a culture of sexual anxiety Which is also being promoted in a lot of sex education programs. Young people are constantly being told to be afraid of sex, be afraid of pregnancy and that fear is leading to people delaying sex.

So where do we go from here? Ultimately, it seems like we need to make a conscious decision to not allow ourselves to become so easily distracted. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to give ourselves a break from social media once in a while. What is next step? Will we have a surge in sex in a few years time like the roaring 20s? A free for all of orgies and experimentation? It appears that there’s a real shift on the horizon and it seems as though people are moving away from the conventional kinds of relationships in favour of the non-conventional relationships such as non-monogamy and polyamory. Perhaps this is just a rejig in societal sexual norms.

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