If you missed this on Babestation’s recruitment page, we’re bringing it back here for you to read and get you excited to start your new career with us at Babestation Cams.  First things first, if you’re looking for a new career that can bring you in upwards of four figures per month, that allows you to work from home or in a purpose built studio and makes use of your unique qualities then a job in the adult webcam industry could be for you!

Don’t believe us?  here’s Fifteen reasons that’ll help change your mind:

Cici Anders
  1. Great earning potential
  2. Utilise their acting and performing skills
  3. They can work from home
  4. Choose their own hours
  5. Work for themselves
  6. To receive gifts
  7. They want to show off their body and/or personality
  8. They are good listeners (and talkers)
  9. They are good motivators
  10. They want to become famous
  11. They love the attention
  12. They can be anonymous
  13. Sites offer secure payment options
  14. Sites offer privacy
  15. It’s the best kind of safe sex

‘Types’ Of Successful Webcam Girl

Want some good news?  There is no type of successful webcam girl.  As webcam is such a diverse industry with so many users all looking for different things, it is impossible to pin down one specific type that makes more than another.  If you don’t have blonde hair or big boobs that’s ok.  Tall, short, curvy, skinny, submissive, dominant, girl-next-door or exhibitionist, doesn’t matter.  Whatever you’re unique qualities, they can be utilised to become a success in the webcam industry.

What about Experience?

No experience is necessary, just an open mind, a desire to do well, some basic equipment and an ability to stay organised as you will be scheduling your own working hours.  This will give you the best possible chance to increase your earnings with webcam on Babestation

Anna Lei

What Do I Need?

The beauty of camming from home is you probably already have most of the equipment you’ll need:

  • A reasonably up to date laptop or desktop that won’t struggle with streaming and won’t put people off with lag time.
  • You can use the webcam already in your laptop if you want but if you want a better quality image it would be worth investing in a good webcam.
  • A strong internet connection so you audio and visual elements don’t struggle to stream at the same time.
  • A decent space to cam from, whether it’s you bedroom your living room or somewhere else that makes you stand out.
  • A good lighting set up.  This doesn’t necessarily have to mean professional lighting it can just be a desk lamp with some white card but do some tests to see how well you’re lit before starting your cam show.
  • Clothing and Make-up (If required)

Here’s some more good news, if you don’t have any of these You can always come into one of our purpose built cam studios where we can provide you with everything you need.


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