Does TV heighten a babe’s popularity on webcam?

According to @Babe_TV :

The attraction is heightened by the fact that the model is on television. Celebrity status is extremely powerful when it comes to inflating desire, and the better known the model becomes as a TV personality, the more guys will want to talk to her, and potentially befriend her. It’s more usually the desire to befriend the model, rather than the need for instant sex relief, which results in long catalogues of repeat business for individual girls. The guys who keep going back to the same tv babe or webcam model, often in the face of considerable difficulty when her lines are busy, do so because they feel they’ve connected with her. If she can make guys feel that connection, she’s likely to pick up the most loyal and devoted customers.

Having regulars is an important part of any girl’s popularity.  Keeping regulars with good customer service both on the phones and on webcam is equally important and the best girls will have a clutch of regulars that keep coming back for more.

In their blog post, @Babe_TV goes on to talk about girl’s chat being strong enough to hold eavesdroppers A.K.A, callers who are either waiting for their turn to speak with her or callers who have chosen to listen and not be connected directly.

One of the other big requirements for babeshow girls and webcam babes is the ability to strike a balance between keeping an interactive caller happy, and maintaining the attention of eavesdroppers – the guys who don’t want to interact, but are usually still paying the same premium rate for their entertainment and want good value for it. Some shows have recognised the problems inherent in this more than others, and have experimented with dividing up airtime between interactively-focused periods, and choreographed eavesdrop periods. The idea is that in eavesdrop periods, all the undesirables are eliminated to maximise the experience for the listener. It’s perceived, for example, that most eavesdroppers don’t really want to hear a grunting bloke, so in eavesdrop-focused periods, the chat is typically female only.


It seems whether the show is on Babestation TV or going out on a Babestation Webcam, giving a performance that is both enthusiastic and inclusive of the audience in it’s commitment are the best ways for any performer to become successful.  Ultimately there’s only one way to discover what makes a tv or webcam performer worthy of repeat viewing or interaction and that’s to see them for yourself.


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