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UKAP Awards – The Final 4

Just over a month ago we opened voting for the public to pick their first ever Babestation Cams Performer of the Year, which will be held at the annual UKAP Awards. The response we received was huge, countless votes came flooding into our systems! The support you guys have for our girls is massive and it’s time to keep that support going as we have whittled down our 10 nominees to the final 4! On September 19th, one of our 4 finalists will be crowned the first ever Babestation Cams Performer of the Year 2017! Let’s get to know our 4 finalists a little bit more…


levi babestation cams

Levi was tipped early on to be in the final 4 and she’s here! The ‘Queen of Babestation Cams’ has stated her case to win this award due to her raunchy solo shows and even raunchier girl-girl shows. Levi will definitely be dressed to impress on the awards night, but we’re wondering how her 34JJ breasts won’t burst through her dress! Levi & Cams go hand in hand, so we definitely expect her to be in with a shout of winning this award!


lilly roma babestation cams

One of Babestation Cam’s finest was a strong contender to be a finalist and she’s here, Lilly Roma! We knew Lilly Roma had a lot of fans but after seeing the voting results we realised how popular this mega-babe really is. Whenever Lilly Roma goes online the influx of guys floods in, and she loves it, the more satisfied men the better! A lot of the guys in the Babestation Cams office are putting their money on Lilly to win this, and we think it’s a smart bet!


charlie c babestation cams

It is no surprise to see that Charlie C has been named in the final 4, we knew from the outset that it would take something serious to beat Charlie C! Just take a look at the above picture, Charlie C in a bikini is a sight to behold! She’s been working very hard on Babestation Cams to keep her huge clientele happy, and trust us, it’s huge! Charlie C is a babe in demand, and we’d probably place Charlie C as the front runner to win this award!


lacey spanx babestation cams

Babestation Cam’s very own princess has made it into the final 4! Lacey may be known as a princess, but this babe loves to get naughty once that camera goes live! Once Lacey’s clients come out of a Babestation Cams session they are very eager to go back in, Lacey’s filthy webcam antics are one of the main reasons she’s got into the final 4. She may be fairly fresh to the webcam scene but Lacey is looking to take over and get the crown of Babestation’s first ever Babestation Cams Performer of the Year!

The public and the Final 4 are counting down the days until September 19th, to find out who the winner will be! Stay tuned to our Twitter ( to get live updates on the awards night and find out who the winner will be! Good luck to our 4 finalists!


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