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This week we’ve picked you 3 of our hottest and most in demand Babestation Cams girls and put them in the spotlight! We’ve sat down with these babes and got the low-down on what they like in a man, their favourite lingerie, what their fetishes are and a lot more filthy info! The three cam models in the spotlight this week are Amy Melanie, Naomi Lee and Jessica R!

Amy Melanie

Amy Melanie is an experienced Babestation Cams model with over 5 years of teasing and pleasing over the web. She describes herself as the ‘girl next door’ with a bit of filth mixed in. Amy has a wild side and sometimes it takes over her, then it gets extra naughty. She wants her clients to feel comfortable enough to share their deepest desires.

Describe your ideal client?
Always a gentlemen, they have to be polite and friendly. Their sense of humour has to be good too, I enjoy a flowing conversation. A wild imagination is needed, willing to share their fantasies. He would have to know what he wants and know how he’ll get it, a bit of authority is always good.

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
I want to be on a private jet and have sex mid-flight, I’m still yet to join the Mile High Club. I’d also want a threesome with 2 girls and a man. And finally have sex in an elevator!

What is your fantasy?
I want to be a horny secretary who will do anything to please her boss. It’s makes me so horny to imagine myself under the desk giving my boss a blowjob whilst he’s working. Then once everybody leaves the office, he can lift up my skirt and bend me over his desk. I did once have a secret relationship with my old boss and it was a lot of fun!

What are your areas of expertise?
I can please all men with a foot fetish! If PVC is your thing, I have many tight fitting outfits. Maybe you like to be humiliated, then I can become very dominant. My expertise in the bedroom is very ranging!

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Naomi Lee

One of the new faces on Babestation Cams but a face you’ll definitely remember. Naomi Lee has taken everybody by storm and she’s here to stay. Naomi Lee is fresh off a special Naughty Nurse show from Saturday and judging by the reaction received, it was epic! Naomi is one to watch out for, we’d definitely recommend giving her a go, it’ll be a happy ending.

We hear you like to give a dance on Babestation Cams?
Yes, I’m a part time lap dancer! I like to think I give the best seductive lap dances around. I’m very sexual in the way I move, so you’re definitely in for a show whenever you cam with me.

Do you watch much porn?
I consider myself a porn addict! My favourite porn to watch is lesbian or naughty college girl for daddy. I do actually do some amateur porn videos, I like to see myself in action.

What’s your favourite sexual position?
Hmm hard to pick, it’s either doggy or 69. I love both positions so much I can’t pick a favourite.

What outfits do you like to wear on Babestation Cams?
I have a bunch of filthy outfits. I just did a naughty nurse show, I was wearing a very sexy and tight latex nurse outfit, it looked very hot. But if you have any specific requests, I can always accommodate!

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Jessica R

Since the age of 18, Jessica has been working across many different webcam sites, but she’s now settled here at Babestation Cams and is having more fun than ever. Jessica has wanted to be a glamour model since she was a kid and the dream is becoming a reality! Jessica has 2 big companions, and they are sure to grab your attention.

What would be your ideal cam session involve?
I absolutely love doing cam to cam! I’m such a horny little perv so I love seeing how happy I’m making all of you naughty boys. From there it gets so much more sensual because we can see each other in action. I hope everyone leaves my cam session feeling happy and got what they came for 😉

Why do you enjoy camming?
I love the freedom of being able to go on Babestation Cams whenever I want and meet new people. You’d be surprised to find out how many interesting people I’ve met through camming. But to be totally honest, I’m very horny and camming satisfies my sexual needs.

What would be your perfect fantasy?
Tough question, it would be a toss up between two fantasies. Either the naughty girl next door that fucks the neighbours husband. Or the babysitter that gets caught wanking. As you can probably tell, I like a married man!
What’s on your sexual bucket list?
One thing would be a massive gang-bang with like 20 men and just me, ha! Another unchecked box on the list would be to come across a place with a real glory hole, so I could have some serious fucking fun with a complete stranger!

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